Bendigo band Four Lions to release third album

Third album: Greg Perry on bass, Gav Moncrieff on drums, Keith Macqueen on lead guitar and front man Shannon Lions.
Third album: Greg Perry on bass, Gav Moncrieff on drums, Keith Macqueen on lead guitar and front man Shannon Lions.

Bendigo Americana band Four Lions will release its third album in three years in October.

Following on from Charing Cross in 2015 and Vahland in 2016, Four Lions’ new record – Golden Triangle – will be launched on October 7 at True Brew.

Like the previous two albums, the band’s new album is inspired by Bendigo and central Victoria.

“I had an idea of self appointing a task of writing a concept album about the stories of the central Victorian goldfields region known as the Golden Triangle,” frontman Shann Lions said  

Golden Triangle was written in two days and with no rehearsals and was then recorded/mixed over three days at Sound Recordings.”

The first single from the album – Too Afraid – was released digitally on August 25 followed by the second single – Alexandra – on September 8.

Four Lions - Too Afraid

Shann said it was the great musicians involved in the band helped produce three albums in three years.

The rest of Four Lions is made up of Keith "Lighting" Macqueen on lead guitar, Greg Perry on bass, Gav "Shooter" Moncrieff on drums and Stephen Briggs on keyboard.

“I’m probably the worst muso in the band, so I’m lucky to have great musos,” Shann said.

“The first album I wrote and then put the band together just after, so it was an evolution.

“The second album was a bit different and this one is completely different again – it’s more of an Americana, post-punk sound.”

Shann said good albums and songs from all sorts of musicians inspired him to keep writing.

“Other musos inspire me to write. If I hear a good album in the car, I can pull over and write some lyrics of mine down,” he said.

“Then there’s what’s going on your own life or other people’s lives.”

The album launch at True Brew Bendigo will see a host of guest musicians joining to make a 10-person band.

Along with Four Lions’ own brand of craft beer and some delicious food, it is sure to be a big night.

“Flight Bar are doing food for us and we have about five other musos joining us through the night,” Shann said.

“So it will be a bit of a party on the stage. We have some art installations and a massive stage with lights and sound. It sounds a bit grandiose but we like to do something different.

“Everyone can play a pub show. We only play gigs a few times a year, so we like to make it an event.”

Four Lions’ album launch is at True Brew Bendigo on October 7. Tickets are $20.