A lesson in art and life

CHANGE: Martha Atienza, video still.

CHANGE: Martha Atienza, video still.

La Trobe University Creative Arts students had a unique opportunity to meet international artist Martha Atienza at La Trobe Art Institute this week. Atienza is in Bendigo this September undertaking an artist residency where she will continue to develop her dynamic video-based arts practice.

Born in Manila, Atienza now lives and works between Bantayan Island in the Philippines and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She exhibited her video installation Our Islands 11°16'58.4"N 123°45'07.0"E at Art Basel earlier this year, becoming only the third Asian artist to win the prestigious Baloise Art Prize.

Students were able to talk to Atienza in her temporary studio, ask questions about her current research and gain an understanding of what it takes to work as a professional artist. Atienza uses her art as a tool for effecting social change and encouraged students to respond to the issues impacting their region.

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