Eaglehawk woman Margaret King's to celebrate 100th birthday

MARGARET King was in for a surprise when she visited her hairdresser for her weekly appointment. 

It seemed her 100th birthday had come a day early.

NKB Hair and Beauty staff downed their combs and clippers to wish the Eaglehawk woman all the best, and pose for photos to mark the milestone.

Few were prouder than her daughter, Bev Willman, and great-granddaughter, Brittany Trindall, who accompanied Mrs King to the appointment.

“How wonderful is it to have your mother alive and well when she’s 100 years old?” Ms Willman said.

Mrs King still lives independently, and walks everywhere. 

“She’s never driven a car,” Ms Willman said. 

The 100-year-old adores her family, particularly her great-grandchildren.

The feeling is mutual for Ms Trindall, who, when asked what she admired most about her great-grandmother, said, “everything.”

The birthday celebrations start in earnest on Wednesday, and are expected to conclude at the weekend.