Students scorch the turf at cross-country titles

The 11-year-old girls hit top gear down the straight at the BJC. Picture: DARREN HOWE
The 11-year-old girls hit top gear down the straight at the BJC. Picture: DARREN HOWE

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Rising stars of the athletics scene produced some outstanding performances at the Sandhurst and Goldfields Division Cross Country Championships.

The top 14 performers in the elite blue division in each group advanced to the regional titles next month.

Almost 3000 students from 65 primary schools competed over a 2 or 3km course.

Results for the 9, 10,11 and 12-year-old age groups:

Sandhurst and Goldfields Division Cross Country Championships results:

12-year boys: Blue – Bernard Nhill (St Francis) 1, Luke Dunne (Maryborough) 2, Jayden Padgham (St Therese’s) 3. Red – Charlie Edwards (St Francis) 1, Thaine Bake (St Joseph’s) 2, Sam Pinder (St Therese’s) 3. Green – Baiden Kean (Holy Rosary) 1, J’Kobee Smith (White Hills) 2, Seth Gahan (White Hills) 3. Yellow – Kayne Mackay (White Hills) 1, Kori Crothers (White Hills) 2, Jakob Logan (White Hills) 3.

12-year girls: Blue – Elke Henson (Newlan) 1, Charlotte Murphy (Golden Square) 2, Lauren Bourke (Cobaw) 3. Red – Matisse Nelson (Marist) 1, Chloe Naughton (Marist) 2, Adele Barber (St Francis) 3. Green – Chloe Sanderson (White Hills) 1, Maggie Burke (St Kilian’s) 2, Felicity Daly (St Kilian’s ) 3. Yellow – Hannah Envorzo (Golden Square) 1, Vanessa Russell (White Hills) 2, Georgia Leversha-Moon (Golden Square) 3.

11-year boys: Blue – Logan Tickell (Golden Square) 1, Tobie Travaglia (St Therese’s) 2, William Chant (St Kilian’s) 3. Red – Jack Meharry (Victory) 1, Tristan Bradshaw (Eaglehawk) 2, Baden France (St Francis) 3. Green – Zac Martin (Holy Rosary) 1, Isaac Gee (St Kilian’s) 2, Anthony Read (Epsom) 3. Yellow – Brian Allen (White Hills) 1, Riley Woods (Camp Hill) 2, Toby Ervin (Camp Hill) 3.

11-year girls: Blue – Lavinia Cox (St Joseph) 1, Tasmin William (Braemar) 2, Sky Degraaff (Big Hill) 3. Red – Nadia Peebles (Axedale) 1, Emily Fisher (Holy Rosary) 2, Rosie Purser (Strathfieldsaye) 3. Green – Nikita Lefevre (White Hills) 1, Nelly Kilmirtion (St Kilian’s) 2, Imogen Prince (Camp Hill) 3. Yellow – Rowena Stevens (White Hills) 1, Jai Pai (Camp Hill) 2, Shennaaj Sangh (Eaglehawk) 3.

The 12-year-old boys were hard at it in their 3km run. Picture: ADAM BOURKE

The 12-year-old boys were hard at it in their 3km run. Picture: ADAM BOURKE

10-year boys: Blue – Logan Wescott (Maiden Gully) 1, Bohden Hassell (Golden Square) 2, Xavier Dietz (Trentham ) 3. Red – Ross Stevens 1, Sam Dineen 2, Digby Parkinson 3. Green – Jackson Gahan (Cal Gully) 1, Isaiah Phillips-Adams (White Hills) 2, Jasper Irwin (St Kilian’s) 3. Yellow – Louis Wooldridge (Camp Hill) 1, Brock Pearce (Eaglehawk North) 2, Isaiah Petra (Camp Hill) 3.

10-year girls: Blue – Ava Maxted (East Loddon) 1, Kalisha Morgan (Big Hill) 2, Amelia Grist (Quarry Hill) 3. Red – Jazz Bieleny (St Francis) 1, Alexia Carmichael (St Francis) 2, Charlotte Harrison (Victory) 3. Green – Abi Smith (Axedale) 1, Amelia Carmody (Axedale) 2, Seannah Bowen (White Hills) 3. Yellow – Bella Thomspon (Eaglehawk North) 1, Chloe Trewin (Eaglehawk) 2, Georgia Guseil (White Hills) 3.

 9-year boys: Blue – Joe Buchanan (St Francis) 1, William Robinson (St Francis) 2, Kai Pearce (Holy Rosary) 3. Red – Jasper Brouthton (White Hills) 1, Finn Millar (White Hills) 2, Owen Wilson (Spring Gully) 3. Green – Charlie Wurf (Camp Hill) 1, Cameron Pengelly (St Kilian’s) 2, Dante Allen (Cal Gully) 3. Yellow – Hamish Bennett (Victory) 1, Zac Gould (Victory) 2, Jasper Perry (Victory) 3.

9-year girls: Blue – Alana Fletcher (Taradale) 1, Natalie Peter (Kangaroo Flat) 2, Zoe Cail (Holy Rosary) 3. Red – Evie Aurisch (Axedale) 1, Emersyn Newlan (St Therese’s) 2, Ella Drummond (Camp Hill) 3. Green – Josephine Cutrale (Cal Gully) 1, Josie Deane (Camp Hill) 2, Evie Conder (Epsom) 3. Yellow – Ella Meharry (Victory) and Charlie Simmonds (St Mary’s) equal 1st, Sophie Fredericks (Victory) 3.