Tigers taught Dragons lesson in respect in round six

Wayne Primmer has the chance to win a flag in his first year at Sandhurst.

Wayne Primmer has the chance to win a flag in his first year at Sandhurst.

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SANDHURST coach Wayne Primmer says his Dragons were taught a lesson in respect by Kyneton in their round six defeat.

The Dragons were upset by three points that day at the Kyneton Showgrounds after the Tigers’ Bryce Hinneberg kicked a goal after the siren.

However, the Dragons haven’t been beaten since and will carry a 13-game winning streak – the club’s best since 2001 – into Saturday’s grand final against Golden Square.

“I don’t know whether it was a wake-up call, but when you play footy you’ve got to respect everyone you’re playing and I reckon we went down there a bit underdone thinking we might get the job done,” Primmer said this week.

“We got ourselves a long way down (22 points behind at half-time), but by the end of the game we had a chance to win it.

“I think that probably gave us the belief that whatever scenario we’re in that we can get out of it and win, but we shouldn’t have put ourselves in that situation in the first place.”


B: J. Coghlan, G. Parry, J. Hann

Hb: C. Price, H. Leahy, L. Tardrew

C: A. Wharton, K. Height, J. Wharton

Hf: L. Ross, M. Thornton, L. Coghlan

F: N. Stagg, B. Blake, P. Craig

Foll: T. Martin, A. Parry, B. Holmes.

Inter: K. Ngawati, M. Dole, B. Knights, B. Montague.


Record: 17-2, 210.4%.

Average for: 118.

Average against: 56.

Average goals for: 17.4.

Average goals against: 7.9.

Quarters won: 58/76.

Conversion: 55.2%.

Time in front: 80.3%.

Players used: 37.

Average scoring differential per quarter:

1st: +13.3 pts.

2nd: +13.3 pts.

3rd: +13.3 pts.

4th: +22.4 pts.

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