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OUTRAGE: Letter-writer and CFA volunteer Doug Steley condemns the leaflet circulated in Bendigo last weekend attacking paid firefighters.

OUTRAGE: Letter-writer and CFA volunteer Doug Steley condemns the leaflet circulated in Bendigo last weekend attacking paid firefighters.

Attack on paid firefighters a disgrace

Regarding the anti-CFA firefighter leaflet being circulated asking for donations to the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria/Liberal Party legal challenge to the CFA enterprise bargaining agreement (“Fury at ‘greedy’ insult’, Bendigo Advertiser, September 22).

It describes paid CFA firefighters as “Greedy Union Thugs and Mercenaries”. It objects to the Australian men and women who earn their living from being full-time paid firefighters.

How many of the people circulating this will be putting a sign on their homes that say “In case of fire, no greedy union thug firefighters, volunteer firefighters only”?

Especially when they are not even brave enough to put their own names to the flyer

As a CFA volunteer, I am more than happy to work beside any skilled professional who goes out to fight fires.

I am disgusted that anyone would insult working Australians like this.

Doug Steley, Heyfield

Bumper council crop points to dysfunction

The number of candidates who have nominated for the City of Greater Bendigo elections is an indication of the dissatisfaction with council’s decision-making and its dysfunctionality.

We don’t need professional politicians in local government, just ordinary people with common sense and the ability to listen and use the political process to solve complex, long-range challenges facing our community on ageing, health, employment and infrastructure maintenance.

Nor do we need elaborate and stealthy networks of patronage that gratify the short-term interests of entrenched elites.

Nor an obsession with the ideology of efficiency and embracing any means to boost returns, regardless of social costs.

Nor advancing manifestos that look no further than the next election, which contribute to the destruction of the very ideas of commonality and community.

Bill Collier, Golden Square

Netball the winner after stellar season

What a great day for Bendigo Football Netball League grand finalists today in Bendigo, the culmination of another high calibre season. 

As BFNL netball league patron, I would like to congratulate all finalists, their coaches and clubs on making it to the big day. 

I am confident that once again exceptional skills, strength and strategy will be on show. 

As the Netball Foundation’s Confident Girl program demonstrates so successfully, the take up of netball builds character, teamwork and fitness.

Could I recognise all athletes who took part in this year’s BFNL netball season and congratulate all of the volunteers, the coaches, families and supporters who have put so much  work into their respective clubs – the strength of the league and the game is a testament to your effort. 

All the best for today. Irrespective of the result, the winner is netball.

Bridget McKenzie, BFNL patron

One good turn leads to another

Before moving to Castlemaine, we lived in Coburg.

Opposite lived a Muslim family, while further down the street lived some Italians who came here in the 1960s and who we once called "dagos" or "wogs".

I decided to treat my Muslim neighbours with friendship, taking a pumpkin from my garden to say hello to the family.

Within an hour, the woman and her two children came over with a wonderful pumpkin curry.

This happened whenever I gave the family vegetables from my garden.

As with any people, Muslims, if treated kindly, will respond with kindness.

Brian Moynihan, Castlemaine

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