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HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you have something to get off your chest? Send your letter to the editor to

HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you have something to get off your chest? Send your letter to the editor to

Time to sort out fuel price discrepancy between city and country

Liberal and Nationals MPs successfully instigated an inquiry into the price of regional fuels last week in state parliament.

Country people dig deep every time they fuel up at the bowser, more so than their metropolitan counterparts and even other nearby towns.

Anecdotally, transport costs, price cycles and demand are the driving force of petrol pricing.

But, for the most part, the methodology is as mystifying as Daniel Andrews’ ongoing war against CFA volunteers.

This new inquiry will seek to lift the lid on fuel prices.

It will compare the price of unleaded, diesel and LPG fuels in regional communities with metropolitan areas and other regional communities. 

It will also look at the impacts on country families, businesses and industry.

Unlike other fuel price investigations, the spotlight will be on regional Victorian communities and what can be done to relieve the pressure high fuel prices add to the cost-of-living.

To ensure success, we need your input.

Public submissions will be sought in the near future – this is a chance for every country Victorian to have their say.

Regional Liberal-Nationals MPs have listened to the concerns of their communities and it is time we shed light on the secrets behind fuel pricing.

Peter Walsh, Leader of The Nationals

Gay marriage plebiscite a total waste of our time and money

I am sick and tired of hearing about this proposed plebiscite and I am disgusted to see that our politicians are prepared to spend $175 million to ask the people to do what they are already paid to do, therefore passing the buck using delaying tactics.

In my life time I have observed the gradual erosion of the sanctity of marriage and the accepted change in terminology from "husband and wife" to just unmarried "partners".

And I cannot remember having had to vote through a plebiscite on the much more important legislation giving these unions and their once called "illegitimate" children equal legal rights.

Even the church had to accept this without too much fuss.

This is the way the world is evolving (I call it disintegrating), so why don’t politicians get on with it and simply legislate on what so many other countries have already accepted?

C Sartori, Quarry Hill

Escalating South China Sea dispute has the world on edge

The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was quoted in relation to a dispute in the “East Asia sea”.

This would be consistent with it being part of the Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere.

The shared values he referred to were of a military state that permits the killing of civilians. This came from the same source that believes Chine destroyed the census.

Recently I had a visit from a friend who insisted we watch the television program “Cities of the Underground”  as it was on the American assault on Okinawa during the late stages of World War II.

In this program a map was shown that identified the sea as the East China Sea.

One can only assume that this was an American military chart of the time.

Once their puppet Chiang Kai Shack was defeated they must have regarded it as redundant.

Now that they have found a later day Na Din Digem in the Philippines they hope to return to gunboat diplomacy and erase their war crimes in Indo-China.

Long live the victory of the People’s War.

Mick Sandiford, Bendigo

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