LIVE: Bendigo Thunder v Deer Park VWFL Premier Division grand final


FULL TIME: Siren sounds. Deer Park caps a remarkable finals series, coming from fourth to inflict Bendigo Thunder’s first defeat of the season and win the premiership. They win 6.7 (43) to 4.6 (30). Disappointing end to an otherwise great season for the Bendgo team. Sarah Last was the Thunder’s best on the day, with a great game in defence. Emma Grant and Jess Kennedy also played well. The Thunder trailed for all but a few minutes in the opening term.

19:20 MINUTE MARK: Catterall kicks the sealer for Deer Park. Lions 6.7 (43) to 4.6 (30).

18:40 MINUTE MARK: Free kick to Deer Park in their forward line.

18:00 MINUTE MARK: Thunder trail by seven points with two minutes left. Ball in the Lions’ forward half.

16:00 MINUTE MARK: Deer Park 5.7 (37) to Bendigo 4.6 (30). Four minutes to play, Thunder need to act quickly,.

15:00 MINUTE MARK: Ball deep in Deer Park forward line. 

13:33 MINUTE MARK: Portelli marks for Deer Park. Kick for goal misses everything. Stll Deer Park by seven points.

13:00 MINUTE MARK: Thunder concede a rushed behind. Deer Park lead by seven points.

10:00 MINUTE MARK: Deer Park holding firm and lead by six points with 10 minutes to play. Deer Park 5.6 (36) to Bendigo 4.6 (30). Deer Park are hugging ther boundary line.

7:00  MINUTE MARK: Bendigo Thunder still trail by six points,.Deer Park 5.6 (36) to Bendigo 4.6 (30).

4:32 MINUTE MARK: Two early behinds to the Thunder sees the margin at six points. Deer Park leads 5.6 (36) to Bendigo 4.6 (30). Sarah Last still dominating in defence.

THREE QUARTER TIME: Bendigo Thunder have their work cut out for them. Trail by eight points. Score is Deer Park 5.6 (36) to Bendigo 4.4 (28). The Lions scored the only goal of the quarter. Goal scorers for the Thunder are Isabella Ayre with two and singles to Reni Hicks and Jess Kennedy.

17:00 MINUTE MARK: Goal to Portelli of Deer Park. The Lions lead by eight points 5.6 (36) to 4.4 (28).

14:25 MINUTE MARK: Still a two point ball game. Sarah Last outstanding in defence for the Thunder in this quarter.

10:56 MINUTE MARK: Isabella Ayre takes a mark in the forward 30. She boots the goal – her second – after a 25m penalty to put the Thunder within two points. 4.4 (28) to Deer Park 4.6 (30).

10:00 MINUTE MARK: No goals to either side yet in the third quarter. Sarah Last having a great quarter for the Thunder.

6:32 MINUTE MARK: Big mark to Deer Park’s Catterall. Hooks the kick and it’s a behind. Deer Park by eight points.

5:00 MINUTE MARK: Mark to Isabella Ayre. Kick falls short and a rushed behind to the Thunder. Thunder trail by seven points. Thunder are looking to dangerous early in the third quarter.

3:30 MINUTE MARK: Strong mark to the Thunder’s Erin Ross.Kick hits the post. back to an eight point margin 3.3 (21) to 4.5 (29). Ross has 22 goals so far this year.

0:50 MINUTE MARK: Early behind to Deer Park. Thunder trail 3.2 (20) to 4.5 (29). Lions continuing to attack.

THIRD QUARTER: We are underway. Thunder trail by eight points to begin with.

THIRD QUARTER COMING UP: Bendigo Thunder will be looking for an early goal to break Deer Park’s grip on the game. Catterall looms as a threat to the Thunder’s aspirations of a premiership. The Deer Park forward has two goals and is looking ominous. The Thunder’’s superior fitness should be telling in the second half. Isabella Ayre, Erin Ross and Jess Kennedy are the Thunder’s goal scorers.

HALF TIME: Bendigo Thunder trail by eight points. Bendigo 3.2 (20) to Deer Park 4.4 (28).  The Thunder’s stars Emma Grant, Jess Kennedy and Leah French were their best that quarter.

15:40 MINUTE MARK: Erin Ross goal for the Thunder. Margin back to eight points. 3.2 (20) to Deer Park 4.4 (28). Jess Kennedy having a fine quarter for the Thunder.

13 MINUTE MARK: Mark and quick reply from Catterall for Deep Park. Margin back out to 14 points. Thunder 2.2 (14) to Deer Park 4.4 (28).

11:30 MINUTE MARK: Free kick and goal to Jess Kennedy reduces the margin to eight points. Thunder 2.2 (14) to Deer Park 3.4 (22).

10:37 MINUTE MARK: Super gather and snap for goal  from Isabella Ayre ends with a behind.

10 MINUTE MARK: Deer Park 3.4 (22) to Bendigo 1.1 (7). Reni Hicks getting a lot of the ball in their second quarter for the Thunder.

9:00 MINUTE MARK: Still Deer Park by 15 points.

5:50 MINUTE MARK: Free kick to Isabella Ayre. Long kick for goal just falls short. Deer Park defending stoutly. Emma Grant and Leah French starting to work into the game in an encouraging sign for the Thunder.

1.30 MINUTE MARK: Catterall lining up for goal for Deer Park. Kick is rushed through. Deer Park lead by 15 – 3.4 (22) to 1.1 (7).

SECOND QUARTER: Thunder start the term 14 points in arrears at Coburg City Oval.

QUARTER TIME: Thunder trail by 14 points – 3.3 (21) to 1.1 (7). Sarah Last the standout for the Thunder in defence. Elise Strachan took a couple of nice marks up forward and Jess Kennedy has been busy in the midfield. Deer Park’s tackling has been a feature of their game as has their dominance at the centre clearances. Isabella Ayre is the Thunder’s lone goal scorer.

18 MINUTE MARK: Portelli responds for the Lions. Deer Park stretch their lead 3.3 (21) to 1.1 (7).

17:12 MARK: Isabella Ayre boots her 36th goal of the year after a big mark. Thunder now trail 1.2 (7) to Deer Park 2.3 (15).

15:40 MARK: Erin Ross takes a big mark deep in the forward lie for the Thunder. Centering kick misses its mark.

13:00 MINUTE MARK: Deer Park doing all the attacking and have brought their defensive game as well, tackling well. The Lions lead the Thunder by 14 points.

10 MINUTE MARK: Another behind to Deer Park, who are peppering the goals. Thunder 0.1 (1) Deer Park 2.3 (15).

8:35 MINUTE MARK: Behind to Deer Park. Bendigo Thunder 0.1 (1) Deer Park 2.1 (13).

7:16 MINUTE MARK: Second goal to Deer Park Thunder 0.1 (1) Deer Park 2.0 (12).

6:10 MINUTE MARK: Goal to Deer Park. Bendigo Thunder 0.1 (1) Deer Park 1.0 (6)

4.06 MINUTE MARK: Thunder open the scoring with a behind to Elise Strachan.

0.00 MINUTE MARK: Game is underway at Coburg City Oval. Young gun Isabella Ayre starts in the ruck for the Thunder.

EARLIER: Bendigo Thunder is looking to complete an incredible undefeated season, as they do battle with Deer Park in the VWFL Premier Division Grand Final at Coburg City Oval today at noon.

The Thunder cemented their place in the season finale after finishing first on the ladder and recording an 11-point win over Melbourne Uni in their semi-final two weeks ago. 

Bendigo led the game all day, with Jessica Kennedy, Alyx Glanville, Elise Strachan, Leah French, Laura Flanagan and Erin Ross putting in outstanding performances. Isabella Ayre also popped up with couple of goals, to bring her season tally to 36 goals from nine games. 

Those players, along with Emma Grant and Cassandra Blakeway – who were key contributors all year - will be expected to shine once again this week in the battle for the flag. 

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