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I think most Australians are entitled to ask, ‘just who is running the joint’.

When Tony Abbott elected to put in place the time delaying same-sex marriage plebiscite, Turnbull thought that was a silly idea.

A strong supporter of a carbon price, he is now treading on egg shells every time the subject is mentioned.

A stoic supporter of a Republic, is now but a distant memory.

All he is doing is endeavouring to push things through that he doesn't believe in, and then spends most of his time explaining why he is not doing what most people know he would, if he could.

After taking over, things have been going from bad to worse.

But all things considered, we may have to cut big Mal a bit of slack, as the talent he has to work with is about as deep as the Loddon River in drought.

But can our country withstand another three years of treading water on the fiscal front, with his own party denying him the opportunity to implement policies that he actually believes in.

Which only raises the  question everybody is asking, "just who is running the joint."

Ken Price, Eaglehawk


I just wanted to point out that while the government is boasting its jobs growth that there is a major flaw in their numbers.

The latest figures coming from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), shows that a whopping 82.3% of all jobs created in the past 12 months were part time.

Although it is great to see people finding work, the increase in part time, casual and insecure working arrangements is very concerning.

People need job security and the only way for that to happen is with employers offering more decent full time positions.

It’s time the government showed some real support for the workers and the job seekers.

We need to have legislation with a conversion clause to full time so people are not getting stuck in an insecure working arrangement.

People are forced to take on casual and/or part time employment because there is no standardised Australian employment model.

The government needs a real “jobs and growth” plan not one they can just boast about.

If the new jobs that are apparently being created are not decent full time jobs that people can count on, then I’m sorry but it doesn’t count.  

Luke Martin, Bendigo Trades Hall Council

Alzheimer’s awareness

DURING Dementia Awareness Month in September, Alzheimer’s Australia is calling for greater awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition feel less isolated and alone.

A survey just released by Alzheimer’s Australia has found that people with dementia are almost twice as likely to have high rates of loneliness, and people with dementia and carers are significantly more lonely than the general population.

Treating people with the same respect, kindness, inclusiveness and thoughtfulness you always have is what makes a difference to them.

They are still the same person they were before the diagnosis.

They just may need a little bit more time, understanding and support. Go to

- Leanne Wenig and Associate Professor Michael Woodward, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic

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