Elmore preschool to celebrate 40 years young

THE Elmore and District Preschool will on Sunday celebrate its 40th birthday. 

The preschool first opened in 1972 after a group of mothers came together and decided it was time their town had a preschool. 

Preschool president Kristy Nihill said it was exciting to reach the milestone. “If it wasn’t for those women all those years ago to come together and rally behind the idea of having a preschool in the area, we wouldn’t be here today,” she said. 

Mrs Nihill said over the years the preschool hadn’t changed much, but it had seen some structural changes. Mrs Nihill said the preschool had faced some tough times over the years. 

“Some years the number of preschoolers weren’t high and if that continued who knows what might have happened,” she said. 

“But we manage and it looks like next year we will be nearly at full capacity.” To celebrate the achievement the preschool will be holding an after tea on Sunday. 

The celebration will be held between 2pm and 5pm at the Elmore and District Preschool.

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