Bendigo prep students cast vote for Hargreaves Mall playground

PLANS for the Hargreaves Mall playground were reviewed by discerning critics yesterday, ahead of the submissions for the new design.

Creek Street Christian College’s prep class shared their views on what play equipment would be best, as part of their class’ unit on playgrounds.

Prep teacher Merilyn Tatt said the preps had looked into every detail of the plans.

“They assessed whether there was enough shade, the different sizes and shapes,” she said. “It gives them a chance to review every aspect of it. 

“They had some very interesting thoughts and feelings about what the playground needs.”

Ms Tatt said there was one clear favourite among the group.

“I think the dragons will win because they look like dinosaurs and the boys like dinosaurs,” she said. 

Prep student Lydia said she liked the ship because it had a whizzy dizz but was also sun-smart, with a good amount of shade. Student teacher Amy Smith said it was a good exercise for the preps to think about different elements of design.

“It gives them that empowerment and responsibility,” she said.

The Bendigo council is hoping to have a new playground installed in the city’s Hargreaves Mall by next Easter. 

The winning design of the $150,000 playground will be chosen based on children’s votes.

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