Kangaroo Flat crash driver tests positive for drugs

A MAN driving on a suspended licence tested positive to a preliminary drug test after crashing his car at a busy Kangaroo Flat intersection yesterday.

Traffic was stopped at the Lockwood Road-High Street intersection near Aldi supermarket after the 24-year-old Kangaroo Flat man crashed his car into a four-wheel-drive just before 1pm, police said.

Witnesses said the 24-year-old man had been driving at high speed before smashing head-on into the four-wheel-drive, which was leaving the Aldi car park. No injuries were reported.

The driver of the four-wheel-drive said she had looked in her side mirror before pulling out, but that the car had “come from nowhere”.

Senior Constable Dave Sanders said speed was believed to be a factor in the crash.

He said the 24-year-old man tested positive to cannabis on the initial oral drug tests and police were now waiting on toxicology reports.

The man was driving on a suspended licence and is set to face a number of charges relating to the crash.

“He was questioned by police and released, waiting on the drug results,” Senior Constable Sanders said. “He will attend court at a later date.”

The collision was the second this month at the intersection near the Aldi supermarket.

Senior Constable Sanders said the road had had issues in the past with crashes, and it was a reminder to drive carefully in the area, especially during busy times. 

Police at the scene of the crash near the Aldi supermarket in Kangaroo Flat.

Police at the scene of the crash near the Aldi supermarket in Kangaroo Flat.