CFA warns of rubbish burning risks

THE CFA is urging residents to take care when burning off rubbish. 

CFA operations officer Alun Hughson said burning off rubbish should not be the first option for community members. 

“There are currently no fire restrictions, however people still need to take care and adhere to council bylaws when it comes to burning off,” Mr Hughson said. 

“I would like to remind people that they should not be burning off things just for the sake of it – there are other ways in which people can dispose of their rubbish.”

Mr Hughson said as we move into summer people should take extra care when it came to fire. 

“People shouldn’t overestimate the burn or underestimate the conditions,” he said. 

“It only takes a couple of hot and windy days for grass to dry out. 

“If people are not paying attention to their burn and walk away from it, it can get dangerous quickly.”

Mr Hughson said it was important for people to keep an eye on their burn offs. 

“If people see smoke and no one is around, they will call the fire brigade,” he said. “Someone should be watching over at all times, which will also limit needless call-outs to the brigades.”

Mr Hughson said although we were moving into warmer weather, fire restrictions were not on the cards anytime soon. 

“We have no indication of when they will be introduced,” he said.

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