Heathcote man to face aggravated animal cruelty charges

POLICE are disgusted with the actions of a man who allegedly mowed down a kangaroo at the Heathcote Golf Club. 

Leading Senior Constable Karl Kerschbaumer from Heathcote police said an 18-year-old male would be charged on summons with aggravated animal cruelty and trespass. 

"It happened on Thursday night at the Heathcote Golf Club about 8.30pm," he said. 

"Police are alleging that he was driving and chasing roos and ran one down killing it.

"It was a female and had a joey that was left abandoned."

Leading Senior Constable Kerschbaumer said the joey stayed with its dead mother overnight before hoping away in the morning when help arrived.

He said a golf club member had witnessed the incident on Thursday night and reported it to police.

"It's just not acceptable at all," Leading Senior Constable Kerschbaumer said. 

"They're a native animal, they're protected.

"At some stages there are more than 300 kangaroos on that course so for someone to do something like this is just unacceptable."

Police allege a Heathcote man mowed down a kangaroo.

Police allege a Heathcote man mowed down a kangaroo.