Bendigo foundry's impending demolition saddens customer

QUENTIN Binks will be sad to see the Osborne Foundry knocked down. 

The 91-year-old Bendigo resident was a regular customer at the foundry during his career and had close ties to the late Stan Osborne, a former staff member.

“I used to go in there all the time and it would be a thrill,” Mr Binks said. “They used to sharpen all our picks and machines. 

“It will be sad to see the building go but it’s probably overdue.

“The thing that broke my heart was when the guys that ran the place died.”

Mr Brinks said the work at the foundry was “absolutely impeccable”. 

“I don’t think anyone anywhere in the world produced tradesmen like that. 

“They need all the praise they can get; there’s no way of underestimating what they did for Bendigo.”

Mr Binks had a range of work done in the building other than tool sharpening. 

“I had a 36-ounce gold nugget that I borrowed from a friend to get a copy of,” he said. 

“I told Stan, and he was amazed that I wanted to have a gold nugget kept in the building for two days without any security. 

“He couldn’t believe it.”

Mr Binks also had a table made at the foundry that he still owns to this day.

Tablet - Narrow
Tablet - Wide