Bendigo election candidate sign vandalised

A BENDIGO election candidate is offering a $500 reward for information about his vandalised campaign signs.

Karel Zegers has nominated for the Lockwood ward in the coming City of Greater Bendigo election.

He said the election was showing “nasty side effects”, with three of his posters recently defaced.

Mr Zegers said another poster had disappeared, presumably stolen.

“I’m not disturbed about the financial repercussions, it’s the behaviour that’s the problem,” Mr Zegers said.

“If these people who have done this don’t like me for some reason, then they should come out and tell me to my face.

“At the end of the day it’s a democratic process that’s going on.”

Mr Zegers said his signs were all high off the ground and anyone tampering with them would have had to do so at night so as not to attract attention from passers-by.

“Whoever stole the sign would have had to climb on a ladder and cut the wires, too,” he said.

“These signs are not small so there must be people that know what’s going on.

“I just want justice done.

“But I’ve got spares – as soon as posters disappear or are damaged, I replace them within hours.”

Mr Zegers is not pointing the finger at any other election candidates.

“I am not aware of anyone particularly hostile to myself and find it hard to believe that any fellow candidate would stoop so low,” he said.

“What other misdeeds will these type of people do after sunset?

“This is not the real Australian spirit of allowing others to have a fair go.

“No one forces anyone to vote for anyone in particular. 

“This is still a free country.

“I am trying to represent the interests of the local residents, anyone not liking that should have a go themselves, not try to prevent someone else having a go.

“So to try to seek out who has this weird compulsion, I have decided to offer an award of $500 for anyone assisting to bring these lowlifes to justice and resulting in a conviction.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Mr Zegers by emailing

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