Bendigo women more cautious after Jill’s murder

MORE local women are taking greater caution following the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher. 

The Bendigo Advertiser spoke to several women who said they were paying greater attention to their safety following the incident. 

But most said they didn’t want to change the way they live. 

Melissa Douglas said she had always been cautious while jogging, but now takes greater care. 

“I’m horrified by the incident,” she said.

“But like people in Melbourne, we don’t want to let it change the way we do things.”

Bree McCarthy, 17, said she no longer walked home alone at night. 

“I used to walk home by myself but I’m always with the boys now,” she said.  

Emma North, 17, said she would take greater care at night, and Steph Alexander, 20, said she would only be “a little” more cautious. 

Centre for Non-Violence acting CEO Cheryl Munzel said it was important people realised it was a rare incident. 

“Most violence against women happens in the home by family members,” she said. 

“This case has generated so much public concern but is very rare. Most risk is from current partners and other men in their lives, overwhelmingly.”

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