Bendigo phone fans happy

APPLE fans turned out early at phone stores across Bendigo yesterday for the release of the iPhone 5.

For Ben Free it was a familiar queue after picking up the iPhone 3GS on its opening day in 2008.

This time he was first in line, getting to the Mitchell Street Telstra store at 4am to ensure he would be able to get his hands on the new device.

“Last time when we lined up it was pretty busy so we thought we would get in early,” he said.

“I’ve been hanging out waiting for it for a few months.”

Other phone fanatics went to upgrade their now-outdated models.

Ash Baxter said he had the iPhone 3G, then 4 and now the 5.

“I’ve got the iPad and the laptop as well,” he said.

Friends Greg Duggan and Daniel Lyall decided they would stop by on their travels to pick up a new phone.

“I’m just passing through but I thought I’d grab one,” Daniel, from Hobart, said.

Telstra store manager Brody Nicholls said the level of interest was unexpected.

“I thought there would be a bit of interest but this is the biggest line I’ve seen at this store,” he said. “People are going crazy for it.”

Year 11 student Evan Jenkins said he was glad to be getting rid of his old phone and looking forward to being one of the first kids at school with the iPhone5.

“I like the bigger screen and the new functions,” he said.

The release at 8am meant Bendigo residents were among the first in the world to buy the new phone.

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