Mate out-of-pocket after thief steals racing bike

JAKE Knight is about $4000 out of pocket after a trip to the corner store unexpectedly turned expensive.

The 24-year-old Golden Square resident was buying takeaway for dinner on Friday night when a 2008 Norco Team DH bicycle was stolen from his garage.

The bike is worth about $4000 and, to make matters worse, it belongs to his best friend.

“It’s been an absolute nightmare with the insurance companies,” Mr Knight said.

“We’ve got full home and contents and it wasn’t covered by that, my mate’s got full home and contents and it wasn’t covered by that because it was on my property.

“So pretty much I’m the one that’s looking to foot the cost of a new bike for him.

“So I’m asking for anyone with information, any leads, to come forward so we can get to get it back. Even if we get it back in a couple of months’ time I might be able to sell it and get something back.”

Mr Knight is offering a cash reward as an incentive for someone to return the bike.

Mr Knight said he was at home with his partner and her mum on Friday evening when he decided to duck out and get some dinner.

“As I was driving down the road there was this bloke walking up the road with a hood on and a can in his hand,” Mr Knight said. “Usually I would close the garage door but I didn’t have the remote.

“The light was off in the garage so you couldn’t see what was in there but as I drove down the road I pulled the phone out and pretended to answer it because I wanted to watch to make sure the guy kept walking.

“I had four bikes in there at the time because it was a riding weekend, pre-race sort of thing. That’s why I had my mate’s bike.”

Mr Knight said he was gone less than 10 minutes and returned home to find the bike was missing.

“Straight away my heart sank,” he said. “I saw it wasn’t there and I just felt sick instantly... it was probably the cheapest bike of the lot but in saying that it was probably the easiest to get to.”

Mr Knight is hoping people will keep an eye out, especially when buying a bike. Anyone with information can phone Bendigo police on 5448 1300.

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