John Lingard returning for Bendigo gig

BENDIGO musician John Lingard will perform his first Bendigo show since his stint on The Voice in September.

TALENTED: John Lingard will play in Bendigo on September 19. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

TALENTED: John Lingard will play in Bendigo on September 19. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Lingard said the show was a chance for him to remember why he loved playing music.

"I play music so I can play to people. That's the part I really enjoy," he said.

"I haven't done a Bendigo gig for a while and it's a chance for me to show I do write songs and play a few of them."

Lingard will play with a band for the show, which will be at St Luke's Anglican Church on Friday, September 19.

He said he will play some songs from his time on The Voice as well as his original works."It will be very much my original songs. They say a lot more and are more on par with what I normally play," he said.

Lingard said his time since The Voice has been humbling.

"What's important for me is to remind myself that I still have to be a musician," he said.

"I have to work hard and hopefully I can get back to that point.

"Shows like that give you a taste of what it's like to be super successful – depending on your definition of success.

"Hopefully I can get back to that point but I want to gain attention and respect and get back to that level with my songs."

Since his time on the national talent show, Lingard has been cooped up writing songs with a view to recording an album.

"When you're spending time secluded and writing, you can get cabin fever very easily," Lingard said.

"I haven't sat down to plan an album, I'm just writing and seeing where that takes me.

"People tend to rush and release something quickly (after a national talent show) so they don't miss the boat.

"I'm only as good as my songs and if I rush to release something, it's wrong.

"I would rather make sure what I release is really good. Hopefully people are still interested when it comes out but I want to make sure I'm happy with it."

John Lingard with support act Jacob McGuffie play at the St Luke's Anglican Church, 492 Napier Street, White Hills at 7pm on  September 19.

Tickets cost $22.50 and are available from