Good morning Bendigo - 31.08.2014

Good morning Bendigo!

Winter will finally come to an end today, but judging by the wave of colour enveloping our city, it looks like spring has already arrived.

Why not take a look at the week in pictures from some of Australia's top photographers while you enjoy that early morning cuppa.

Hope you all have a nice sleep-in! 


Today will be mostly sunny with cloud developing later on, a top of 21. Better dust of the brolly for the next few days though. Click here for more weather details.


No delays or incidents on the Bendigo line so far.


Richmond Tigers beat Sydney Swans to reach back-to-back AFL finals

Love them or hate them, it's hard to not feel at least a little warm and fuzzy about the Richmond Tigers' heroic finals charge.

Unless of course you're a West Coast Eagles or Adelaide Crows fan!

The team took out top-side Sydney yesterday to make it nine in-a-row and book their place in the finals.

Drug overdoses on rise in rural areas - The Border Mail

The Border needs more pain and addiction specialists to tackle regional Australia’s rising death rate resulting from accidental drug overdoses.

Figures released this week by Melbourne’s Penington Institute showed accidental overdose death rates in 2012 were higher in regional and rural areas than in capital cities.

The rate of accidental drug deaths (per 100,000 people) outside capital cities has risen 127 per cent in the past decade, while in NSW, outside of Sydney, the death rate has doubled since 2008, from 2.25 to 4.72 per 100,000 people.

Parents get new powers to judge principals

Parents will have the power to formally assess how principals perform and school councils will get new authority to shape the way classrooms are run, under a controversial shake-up of the education system.

With three months before the state election, the Napthine government will today unveil sweeping reforms for school councils, amid fears that too many students are being hindered by a "19th-century system" of governance.

Shoppers evacuated from Bourke Street Mall

Staff have returned to stores in Bourke Street Mall after what was believed to be a bomb scare early in the afternoon shopping peak.

Flagship stores Myer and David Jones were evacuated at about 1pm on Saturday but staff were allowed back in at about 2.45pm and customers shortly before 3pm.

Customers were forced to abandon purchases - and in some cases items of clothing in the changerooms - as they fled with alarms blaring.


1846 - Committee is established in Sydney to organise appeal for Irish famine.

1887 - US inventor Thomas A Edison receives a patent for his Kinetoscope, a device which produces moving pictures.

1888 - Body of Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols, first victim of murderer "Jack the Ripper", is found in London.

1950 - Contingent of 80 men from First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, leaves for the Korean War.

1989 - Princess Anne and her husband Captain Mark Phillips separate after 16 years of marriage.

1997 - Princess Diana and her millionaire companion Dodi Al Fayed are killed in a Paris car crash.

2003 - Kenya lifts a ban on the Mau Mau movement, which spearheaded an uprising against British colonialists in the 1950s.

2004 - The US Republican Party nominates President George W Bush for a second four-year term in the White House.


Caligula (Gaius Caesar), Emperor of Rome (12-41)

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880-1962)

Jack Thompson, Australian actor (1940-)

Clive Lloyd, West Indian cricketer (1944-)

Van Morrison, Irish singer-songwriter (1945-)

Chris Tucker, American actor and comedian (1972-)

Craig Nicholls, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Vines (1977-)


Who is inaugurated in Inauguration Day, 20th January?

Bonny Lad, Express and White Windsor are varieties of which vegetable?

Which TV detective was based at Denton police station?

Which famous clown shares his name with the Royal Family of Monaco?

Which co-star also became Brad Pitt’s off screen partner while making the movie “Se7en”?


You shed a complete layer of skin every 4 weeks

Answers: 1. US President 2. Broad bean 3. Jack Frost 4. Grimaldi 5. Gwyneth Paltrow


Why did Goofy put a clock under his desk?

Because he wanted to work over-time!

Have a good one!


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