Good morning Bendigo 20.08.2014

Good morning Bendigo!

I'm not normally an early riser, but today I'll make an exception. Does it seem frosty to you? Bendigo was expecting frost this morning, but it looks like a beautiful morning to me.


Frost early, followed by a sunny day. Top of 15 for Bendigo. For more weather, click here.


Coaches will replace all rail services from this Friday evening until Sunday from Southern Cross to Bendigo. Click here for more details.


Motorcycle rider injured in Kangaroo Flat crash

A motorcyclist was taken to Bendigo Health with a hip injury after an accident at Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat, yesterday evening.

Bendigo police say the crash was caused due to the motorcyclist being blinded by the sun.

Bendigo Highway Patrol Leading Senior Constable Niall King said the motorcycle rider pulled into Helm Street near the intersection of Helm Street and Wesley Street.

He said the male motorcycle rider was recovering in hospital and would be interviewed at a later date.

For more details, click here.

Reza Barati: Two men arrested over death of asylum seeker at PNG detention centre

Port Moresby police have flagged further possible arrests over the death of Iranian asylum-seeker Reza Barati on Manus Island as they announced they were charging two Papua New Guinean nationals for his February murder.

Six months after violent clashes at the island’s immigration detention centre left Mr Barati dead from horrific head wounds and at least 69 wounded, PNG police confirmed two former centre workers had been arrested and would be charged with murder.

For more, click here.

Mathias Cormann stokes debt fears in attempt to transform budget debate

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has moved to reset the budget debate, calling for a fiscal "reality check" about the state of the nation's economy and warning of a serious corrective action in future to protect Australians' living standards.

In an address to the Sydney Institute that builds on Treasurer Joe Hockey's warning of "emergency" action and a Queensland-style austerity budget if structural reforms such as the $7 GP co-payment, higher education and welfare changes are not passed, Senator Cormann said the budget debate should not be a "spectator sport" and that "this is no game".

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1630 - Lemonade is invented in Paris.

1980 - Italian Reinhold Messner makes the first successful solo ascent of Mount Everest.

1987 - Treasure hunters salvaging objects from doomed luxury liner Titanic scoop up satchel containing a fortune in jewels.

1990 - Iraq confirms Western hostages held after the outbreak of the Gulf War are being moved to military and other vital installations as a human shield to deter attacks.

1997 - Visiting Ivory Coast, former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali delivers food and gifts to Liberian war refugee children forced by civil war to flee their country

2001 - Sir Fred Hoyle, the astronomer who coined the term Big Bang but never accepted that theory for the origin of the universe, dies in Bournemouth, England, aged 86.


Andy Strachan, Australian musician of The Living End (1974-)

Joshua Kennedy, Australia soccer player (1982-)

Demi Lovato, US actress and singer (1992-).


The movie “Saving Private Ryan” dealt with events in which country?

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use light to make what?

The site of ancient Babylon is today in which country?

Which gland produces white blood cells?

The Parthenon in Athens was built as a temple to which goddess?

1. France 2. Food 3. Iraq 4. Lymph 5. Athena


Moths have white blood.


What's an astronaut's favourite place to drink?

The space bar. Geddit?

Have a great day! 


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