Good morning Bendigo! 15.08.14

Good Morning Bendigo! 

It's almost the weekend! Anybody have any exciting plans?


It's creeping upwards. Frosty morning with a mostly sunny afternoon and top of 15.

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A good service this morning.


Fortuna Villa subdivision plan gains state approval

THE state government has approved the subdivision of the Fortuna Villa site, paving the way for two large residential developments and a commercial tourism site.

Fortuna Villa owner Paul Banks said planning minister Matthew Guy approved his application for a three-block subdivision on Thursday. 

The three blocks include the Fortuna Villa itself, which the minister has approved to be rezoned as a commercial tourism site and two other sites, of two-and-a-half and seven acres in size, to become residential zones. 

Karen community reveals plans for $1.5 million monastery

BENDIGO'S thriving Karen community wants to create a place of harmony and reflection for all people, and a place for newly arrived refugees.

The Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation submitted plans to the City of Greater Bendigo on Tuesday for a $1.5 million monastery in Eaglehawk.

The plan included a three bedroom dwelling to provide accommodation for refugees while they look for permanent residence.

How Harriet Wran, the daughter of a Labor legend, came undone

Just after 7pm last Sunday, former private schoolgirl and daughter of a Labor legend Harriet Wran was captured on CCTV footage walking through the lobby of a rundown housing commission block in Redfern.

The pretty 26-year-old took the stairs to level one, accompanied by two older men – her boyfriend of only two weeks, Michael Lee, and an alleged accomplice, Lloyd Haines. 

This was no social call. Mr Lee and Mr Haines had come to confront Daniel McNulty over a previously botched drug deal. And Ms Wran was "desperate" for another hit.


1057 - Macbeth, king of Scotland, is killed in battle by Malcolm, son of the late king Duncan.

1834 - South Australia Act is passed by Britain's Parliament, allowing for establishment of colony there.

1903 - New Zealand wins first rugby union test against Australia, 22-3.

1914 - The Panama Canal opens with the passage of the vessel Ancon.

1950 - An earthquake measuring about 8.7 on the Richter scale strikes Assam, India, killing over 1000 people.

1974 - Wife of South Korea's President Park Chung-Hee is killed in Seoul by assassin's bullet intended for her husband.

2012 - A painting by renowned Australian artist Arthur Boyd tiled Bride Running Away fetches a record price of $1.68 million at auction in Melbourne; Commonwealth Bank sets a record for an Australian bank with a $7.09 billion net profit for the year to June 30.


Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor (1769-1821)

Sir Walter Scott, Scottish novelist-poet (1771-1832)

Princess Anne (1950-)

Debra Messing, US actress (Will and Grace) (1968-)

Ben Affleck, US actor (1972-)

Jennifer Lawrence, American actress (1990-).


There are 6080 feet in what?

In snooker, how many reds are there on a table when one-third of them have been potted?

There are 78 cards in what type of pack?

How many edges does a cube have?

Gossima was a game that developed into which sport?


There are more than 100 different viruses that cause the common cold


If money doesn’t grow on trees, why do banks have branches?

Quiz answers

1. A nautical mile 2. 10 3. Tarot 4. 12 5. Table tennis

Have a fabulous day! 

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