Good morning Bendigo! 12.08.14

Good Morning Bendigo! 

Another fresh start to the day, but the sun is already out so let's hope it's another great winter's day in your neck of the woods.


A frosty start is predicted to make way for a sunny day, and we're heading for a top of 12 degrees. 

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No delays. 


Court hears Mt Korong murder trial

A Melbourne court has heard evidence about a man who was murdered and dumped at Mt Korong last year. 

At the start of a committal hearing on Monday at Melbourne Magistrates Court for three accused of the murder, the court heard how a stripper had sex with the man she convinced to kill her ex-boyfriend after the victim's body was hidden on Mt Korong. 

The man's body was found wedged between boulders at a peak on the north side of Mt Korong on December 18.

Cafe taped off after powder scare

White powder found in a letter at a post office box on King Street, Bendigo, resulted in a small part of the street being cordoned off on Monday night.

An Australia Post employee was collecting mail from the box and discovered the powder. 

It was deemed suspicious and police were contacted.


530 - Florence is restored to Medici family in Italy by Holy Roman Empire troops.

1813 - Austria declares war on France.

1898 - Hawaiian Islands in Pacific are transferred to United States.

1953 - The Soviet Union detonates its first hydrogen bomb.

1966 - The Beatles begin their final tour in Chicago.

1998 - Swiss banks agree to pay $US1.25 billion ($A1.35 billion) to Holocaust survivors as restitution for lost assets.

2013 - Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott suffers an unfortunate linguistic mix-up at a federal election campaign event in Melbourne, declaring: "No one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom."


Harry Hopman, Australian tennis coach (1906-1985)

Charles Blackman, Australian artist (1928-)

Mark Knopfler, British musician with Dire Straits (1949-)

Cara Delevingne, British fashion model (1992-)


In the traditional song, which herb goes with parsley, rosemary and thyme?

A Blue Orpington is a type of what?

Which store owner first said “The customer is always right”?

Which group had hits with “The Logical Song” and “Dreamer”?

The Sargasso Sea forms part of which ocean?


The ideal temperature to fall asleep is between 18-30C


What season is it when you are on a trampoline?

Spring time

Quiz answers

1. Sage 2. Fowl 3. Selfridge 4. Supertramp 5. Atlantic

Have a great day! 

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