Good morning Bendigo! 08.08.14

Good Morning Bendigo! 

Hope you're in for a great last day of the working week. 

Make sure you check out our special handwritten front page to celebrate the Bendigo Writer's Festival this weekend!


We've had a positively warm start to the day, with the temperature already at 7.7 degrees at 6.30am from an overnight low of 3 degrees. It's expected to reach 13 degrees today, with cloud and light winds forecast.

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No delays. 


Langdon endorsed at Lyons' replacement 

Michael Langdon has been named the Liberal candidate for Bendigo West.

Last night, Dr Langdon confirmed he would step down as the Bendigo Health chair following the announcement. 

He replaces Jack Lyons, who was recently found with a series of offensive and racist online posts on his Facebook from 2009 to 2011.

Coming together in the name of words

It wouldn't be a writer's festival without words, but the 2014 Bendigo Writer's Festival is also about coming together as a community, Emma-Jayne Schenk discovers.


1588 - The English fleet batters and scatters the Spanish Armada off France, in the first major naval gun battle in history.

1789 - First police force, named Nightwatch, is established in the Australian colony of NSW.

1876 - Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.

1916 - Australian troops begin attacks on Moquet Farm in France.

1918 - The British, with Australian and Canadian forces, begin an offensive on the Western Front causing the German lines to crumble. German high command refers to it as the black day of the German Army.

2000 - A bomb rips through a crowded underground walkway in central Moscow, killing 12 people and injuring 108 others.

2002 - Australia's High Court rules that an Aboriginal tribe does not have rights over resources underneath land to which it held native title but which was leased to mining companies.

2008 - Australian Federal Police and Customs announce the world's largest ecstasy haul with the seizure of 4.4 tonnes of ecstasy with a street value of $440 million and the subsequent arrest of 22 people across Australia.


Don Burrows, Australian jazzman (1928-)

John Laws, Australian radio personality (1935-)

Dustin Hoffman, US actor (1937-)

Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player (1981-)

Toby Allen, Australian singer (1973-)

Vanessa Amorosi, Australian singer (1981-)

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (1988-)


Which two colours are most often confused in colour blindness?

Which Abba album was No 1 again in 1999 seven years after it’s release?

What type of animal can be Texel and Romney Marsh?

The Bee Gees were born on which island?

What was Jemima Khan’s maiden name?


A person produces enough saliva to fill 2 average size swimming pools during their lifetime


What goes up when the rain comes down?

An umbrella.

Quiz answers

1. Green and red 2. Abba Gold 3. Sheep 4. The Isle of Man 5. Goldsmith

Have a great day! 

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