Good morning Bendigo- 26.07.14

Good morning Bendigo!


Shower or two with a top of 13 degrees.


No reported delays.

From 27 July 2014, V/Line train lines and coach services will have new timetables: … #vline


Government backflips on boat captives

The Abbott government's claim to have ''stopped the boats'' has dramatically unravelled, as 157 asylum seekers who have been held captive on the high seas for almost a month will be brought to the mainland on Saturday.

The humiliating backdown came after Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told Parliament this month that ''on every occasion that may present, we will apply all of the policies we have to ensure that no venture successfully reaches Australia''.

Mr Morrison, who has refused to acknowledge the existence of the boat for weeks, confirmed the asylum seekers would be transferred to the mainland, where they will be interviewed by Indian officials.

Young homeless couple in Ballarat found dead in car from heater

A Victorian couple and their dog have been found dead in a car, apparently killed by a gas heater they were using to keep warm.

Police say the 27-year-old man and 24-year-old woman, both from Ballarat, were believed to have been living in the car, and a butane gas heater they were using to keep warm may have contributed to their deaths.

Officers found the bodies when they checked on the car parked at Cardigan, near Ballarat, on Friday night.


1757 - French under d'Estrees defeat British under Cumberland at Hastenback in eastern Germany.

1942 - Royal Air Force stages heavy raid on Hamburg, Germany; Formation of the Australian Women's Land Army for women between the ages of 15 and 18 not already engaged in rural work.

1956 - Egypt's President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalises Suez Canal, and Britain, France and United States announce financial retaliation.

1984 - Liberian President Samuel K Doe lifts four-year ban on political activity as part of a plan to restore constitutional rule with general elections at the end of next year.

1992 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ends a three-week stand-off and allows UN inspectors to search the Agriculture Ministry in Baghdad for chemical weapons.

2000 - The European Union proposes a ban on the import of "conflict diamonds" from Sierra Leone. The proposal matches a similar resolution passed by the UN Security Council.

2005 - Judges in Amsterdam hand down a rare maximum sentence of life with no possibility of parole for the Dutch-born Muslim who confessed to - and expressed no regret for - shooting, stabbing and nearly decapitating filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

2010 - A UN-backed tribunal sentences the Khmer Rouge's chief jailer to 35 years for overseeing the deaths of up to 16,000 people - the first verdict involving a senior member of the "killing fields" regime that devastated a generation of Cambodians.


George Bernard Shaw, Irish writer (1856-1950); Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist (1875-1961); Wayne Grady, Australian professional golfer (1957-); Kevin Spacey, US actor (1959-); Sandra Bullock, US actress (1964-); Nathan Buckley, Australian footballer (1972-); Kate Beckinsale, British actress (1973-); Rebecca St James, Australian-born singer (1977-).

If it's your big day, happy birthday!


Q. How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

A. Eclipse.

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