Residents called on to support MH17 victims: Video

SUPPORT: Mayor Barry Lyons signs the condolence book. Picture: EMMA-JAYNE SCHENK
SUPPORT: Mayor Barry Lyons signs the condolence book. Picture: EMMA-JAYNE SCHENK

Mayor Barry Lyons is encouraging all residents to pledge their support to MH17 victims, after today signing a condolence book.

He said it was a small symbol to support those who had lost so much.  “This is a tragic event and you cannot help but be moved by this senseless act and the impact it has had around the world,” Cr Lyons said.

“We cannot comprehend the loss being experienced by those Australians who are now without their loved ones but people can offer their deepest sympathies through signing the books.”


The condolence books will be located in the foyer of City of Greater Bendigo offices in Lyttleton Terrace and Heathcote, with Cr Lyons encouraging the community to make time to sign them.

There is no closing date at this stage.

It comes after the state government recommended the books be made available through all local government offices around the state.

Northern Victoria Nationals MP Damian Drum also invited members of the public to sign the book, which is also available at his office. 

“I know that there is hardly a community in our state which has been unaffected by this terrible downing of the flight over Ukraine," he said. 

“And I am also aware that there is a significant part of our community with strong family links to the Netherlands who will feel particularly touched by the shocking loss. 

“The Parliament of Victoria has made available local condolence books which people can sign and which will be added to the overall state expression of mourning.”