Good morning Bendigo 14.07.2014

Good Morning Bendigo!

Welcome to a post-World Cup world. 

Many of us are set to be slightly more bleary-eyed than usual for a Monday as a result of getting up early to watch this morning's World Cup final, so be a little extra kind to yourself and your colleagues today.

It's certainly a cold morning to wake up to, make sure you rug up before leaving the house.


If you thought it was freezing when you got up you were right, today's temperatures will climb from a minimum of 0 degrees to a maximum but still very chilly 11 degrees.

There's cloud forecast for the day but the good news is there's no need to pack your brolly.

For more about today's weather, click here.


There are no delays on public transport this morning, according to V/Line.

Due to Regional Rail Link works, coaches will replace trains between Melbourne and Bendigo/Wendouree from June 28 until July 15. 

Trains will continue to operate between Bendigo and Swan Hill/Echuca.


Moon glows bright: PICTURES 

If you missed last night's super moon, make sure you visit our gallery with some great pics from Addy photographer Brendan McCarthy.

The so called "super moon" appeared bigger and brighter because it was closer to earth than usual. 

For more, click here.

Armed hold up at Rochester service station 

A man charged has been charged with armed robbery after a hold-up at a Rochester service station on Saturday night.

Police said while not injured, the two service station attendants present during the armed robbery were "emotionally traumatised" by the robbery.

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Mother makes plea for low dose cannabis

The argument for medicinal cannabis has been brought to the fore with a Mia Mia resident welcoming comments made by a former Australian Federal Police chief that law enforcement agencies should exercise discretion with families using low dose cannabis to treat their seriously ill children.

The comments follow the news a Melbourne couple face possible charges for using cannabis oil to treat their child's severe seizures. 

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Today in history

1789 - Bastille Day-French Revolution begins with the fall of Bastille

1850 - 1st public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration

1863 - Jews of Holstein Germany granted equality

1927 - 1st commercial airplane flight in Hawaii

1940 - Due to beanball wars, Spalding advertises batting helmet with earflaps

1951 - Citation becomes 1st horse to win $1,000,000 in races

1964 - Jacques Anquetil wins his 5th Tour de France

1969 - The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from 


1994 - Gas explosion at old age home in Milan, 27 killed

2012 - Suicide bomber attacks a wedding reception and kills 22 people and inures 22 in northern 



1602 - Jules Mazarin, France, cardinal, French 1st Minister (1642-61)

1857 - Maytag, inventor (washing machine)

1862 - Florence Bascom, US, 1st American woman PhD

1893 - Clarence J. Brown, Newspaper publisher and politician (d. 1965)

1910 - William Hanna, Melrose New Mexico, animator (Hanna-Barbera- Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo), 

(d. 2001) 

1923 - Willie Steele, American Olympic gold medalist (d. 1989)

1952 - Chris Cross, [St John], rock singer (Arthur)

1960 - Anna Bligh, Australian politician

1972 - Deborah Mailman, Australian actress


Which group of people first developed central heating? 

Which country does supermodel Kate Moss come from?

In a building what can be made from thatch, slates or tiles? 

Which country in the world has the most computers? 

Which branch of science was Einstein famous for?


Your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body


What do you call dangerous precipitation? A rain of terror.

Enjoy your day and stay warm Bendigonians! 

Quiz Answers: 1. Romans 2. England 3. Roof 4. USA 5. Physics

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