Call for residents to fund mosque fight

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A LOBBY group is calling on residents to help fund the legal fight to stop the region’s first mosque being built. 

The Battle for Bendigo website says Bendigo business Slouch Hat Chocolates is collecting money on behalf of the group to go towards the VCAT application. 

The website states that if the application does not go ahead, all money will be refunded in full.

When clicking on 'pay now', people are asked to contribute $40. 

The phone number included on the website rang out last night; the Slouch Hat Chocolates phone number was diverted to a company called Resort Reservations.

The website also includes two petitions - Media Defamation and NO MOSQUE, which states it is “not driven by racial or religious prejudice as has been falsely claimed and represented in the media”.

“The foundations of this protest and survey originate from legislation, processes and  guidelines which have not been adhered to by the Bendigo council,” it says.

Julie, a Battle for Bendigo member, has told the media previously that the group's objection is purely about planning.

''We are not racist,'' she says. ''The process through the council has been flawed and fraudulent. They are railroading it through. But now there are big concerns about Islam and that is the council’s fault because this flawed process has caused people to investigate Islam further.'' 

She said she had initial contact with Stop the Mosque in Bendigo. ''But I told them I didn’t want to deal with what they were doing and planning to do,'' she says.

City of Greater Bendigo councillors approved the mosque last month. 

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