Braves aim to raise awareness for mental health

TICKETS are still available for Friday's Be Brave, Speak Up event at Bendigo Stadium.

The Bendigo Braves' guest speaker Sam Cawthorn is aiming to raise awareness of mental health in the community. 

Cawthorn was in a major car accident in 2006, he was left with an amputated right arm and permanent disability in his right leg. 

Through his research and professional speaking events his aim is to teach people to bounce forward rather than bouncing back after difficult times. 

Patrick O'Connell will also speak to the audience about his experiences. 

O'Connell is a director of the Leading from Within program. 

"Be Brave Speak up is a positive community and business opportunity to gain some insights into demystifying mental health and how leaders can support people by taking back to their organisation’s worthy information to place in prominent positions for key support," Bendigo Stadium chief executive Jason Wallace said.

The event will be held at the Bendigo Stadium at 4pm.

Tickets for the event cost $60. 

It includes complementary canapes and entry into the Bendigo versus Ballarat women's and men's home game double header. 

The money raised from the event will be donated to three organisations, Lifeline, Suicide Prevention and Awareness Network and Standby. 

Representatives from each organisation will also be on hand on Friday.

Tickets can be purchased via the Bendigo Stadium website or at the door.