Good morning Bendigo- 24.06.14

Good morning Bendigo!


Shower or two. Windy with a top of 12 degrees.

There is also a severe weather warning for destructive winds and damaging winds for people in the Mallee, Wimmera, Northern Country, North Central, North East, South West, Central, West and South Gippsland and East Gippsland forecast districts.

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No reported delays.


Peter Greste case: international anger for Egypt's sentencing of al-Jazeera journalists

Cairo: Egypt faced international condemnation over the harsh jail sentences handed down to three al-Jazeera journalists – including Australian Peter Greste – with human rights groups describing the verdict as a black day in the country’s unrelenting assault on the freedom of expression.

Egypt’s relentless pursuit of Greste, Canadian-Egyptian bureau chief Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed was vindictive and politically motivated, Amnesty International said.

Taxi driver assaulted female passenger before raping another

A TAXI driver found guilty of raping a female passenger in the back of his cab also twice sexually assaulted a woman in her own home, a court has been told.

Robert McNeil Byrnes, 46, was in March found guilty by a jury of two charges of rape and two counts of indecent assault related to an attack on a woman in his taxi in Bendigo in the early hours of October 21, 2012.

Byrnes, of Bendigo, then pleaded guilty to a further five counts of indecent assault, related to incidents involving another two women, one of them a taxi passenger and the other a friend of his wife's, who he twice sexually assaulted when he visited the woman's home.


1322 - Jews are expelled from France for a third time

1374 - A sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance causes people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations and begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapse from exhaustion.

1717 - First Free Masons' grand lodge founded in London

1793 - First republican constitution in France adopted

1901 - First exhibition by Pablo Picasso, 19, opens in Paris

1941 - Entire Jewish male population of Gorzhdy Lithuania, exterminated


1244 - Hendrik I, the Child, first count of Hessen (1256-1308)

1803 - George James Webb, composer

1850 - Horatio Herbert Kitchener, England, original Order of Merit member

1873 - Thomas Carl Whitmer, composer

1893 - Roy O. Disney, a founder of the Walt Disney Company (d. 1971)

1961 - Natalya Shaposhnikova, USSR, sidehorse vaulter (Olympic-gold-1980)

1972 - Robbie McEwen, Australian cyclist

1976 - Louisa Leaman, English author

If it's your big day, happy birthday!


What is the most intelligent breed of dog?

What sort of feet to tortoises have?

What can be minke, grey or bowhead?

What snake is traditionally used by snake charmers?

What are fertilized eggs of amphibians called?


1. Border Collie 2. Clawed 3. Whale 4. Indian Cobra 5. Spawn


When water freezes it expands by nine per cent.


I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.

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