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Good morning Bendigo!


A few showers developing with a top of 13 degrees. 

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Secret trade negotiations: is this the end of the big four?

The Abbott government is pressing ahead with secret trade negotiations aimed at bringing about radical deregulation of Australia's banking and finance sector, WikiLeaks documents reveal.

Highly sensitive details of the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations, obtained by Fairfax Media, show Australian trade negotiators are working on a financial services agenda that could end the Australian government's ''four pillars'' banking policy and allow foreign banks much greater freedom to operate in Australia. The changes could also see Australians' bank accounts and financial data freely transferred overseas and allow an influx of foreign financial and information technology workers.

Negotiations "could undo the effective regulation that sheltered Australia from the global financial crisis": Leon Carter from the FSU. Photo: Andrew De La Rue

Financial Services Union national secretary Leon Carter said there was ''a real danger'' that the negotiations ''could undo the effective regulation that sheltered Australia from the global financial crisis'' and result in ''a tidal wave of finance job losses in Australia''.

Fraser family no closer to gaining answers

THE charm of small country towns, residents often say, is that everyone knows each other. But the closeness of a farming community in Victoria’s north may be hiding a killer, police fear.

Krystal Fraser was days from giving birth when she vanished from Pyramid Hill on June 20, 2009. Friday marks five years since she was last seen.

A $100,000 reward for information about her suspected murder was released in 2012, but there have been no major developments in the case. 

Ms Fraser, 23, had an intellectual disability and was preparing to raise her first child without the father. The identity of the father has never been revealed, though several men have admitted relationships with her.

Detectives have interviewed some of the men, and cleared two others that have committed suicide since the disappearance. 

A prime suspect, from a third-generation local farming family, with property near the banks of the Murray River in Leitchville, has maintained his innocence.


1863 - First bank chartered in US (National Bank of Davenport Iowa)

1866 - Italy declares war on Austria

1874 - First US Lifesaving Medal awarded (Lucian Clemons)

1909 - First balloon honeymoon (Roger Burham & Eleanor Waring)

1919 - Treaty of Versailles: Germany ends incorporation of Austria

1939 - Test flight of First rocket plane using liquid propellants

1944 - Nazis begin mass extermination of Jews at Auschwitz

1990 - Nelson Mandela lands in NYC to begin a tour of US


1872 - George Carpenter, the 5th General of The Salvation Army (d. 1948)

1887 - Arnaut Colnot, painter/graphic artist

1933 - Jean Boiteux, France, 400m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-gold-1952)

1949 - Lionel Richie, Alabama, singer (Commodores, Hello, Penny Lover)

1951 - Paul Muldoon, Northern Irish poet

1952 - John Goodman, St Louis Mo, actor (Dan Conner-Roseanne, Babe)

1967 - Nicole Kidman, Honolulu Hawaii, actress (Dead Calm, Far & Away)

If it's your big day, happy birthday!


Jude Law played Lord Alfred Douglas in a movie about which Irish writer?

Which Kate was Prince William’s girlfriend when he graduated from university?

Does the word chassis originate from French, Latin or Russian?

Which Elijah made his name by playing Frodo Baggins?

Are the trendy animated kids known as Bratz male or female?


1. Oscar Wilde 2. Kate Middleton 3. French 4. Elijah Wood 5. Female


The first Burger King was opened in Florida Miami in 1954


Why was the 9 scared of 7? Because 7,8,9.

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