Mosque objections to be considered at June council meeting

An artist's impression of East Bendigo's proposed mosque. Picture: GVA ARCHITECTS
An artist's impression of East Bendigo's proposed mosque. Picture: GVA ARCHITECTS

THE City of Greater Bendigo will consider a planning application next month for a proposed mosque development in East Bendigo.

The council will receive a report which will include associated planning issues, including those raised by objectors.

The application is scheduled to be presented to the council for a decision at the June 18 ordinary council meeting.

The council's planning and development director Prue Mansfield said a letter had been sent to all objectors advising them of the meeting.

“The city usually arranges a consultation meeting involving submitters, the applicant, officers and ward councillors but there are circumstances when consultation does not occur,” Ms Mansfield said.

“This includes when either the applicant or submitters do not agree to participate in the voluntary consultation process or when a large number of objections are received, meaning it is not possible to hold a reasonable conversation between the parties involved.

“The city has received 179 objections and six letters of support to date, so has decided it is not possible to hold a meaningful consultation meeting.

“Where possible, ward councillors Peter Cox and James Williams have consulted directly with local objectors in the immediate neighbourhood. Cr Ruffell has been on leave.”

The council says the approach is consistent with other planning applications, including a proposed development in Curtin Street that has attracted 80 objections and will be considered by the council in coming meetings.

Council meeting agendas are subject to change and anyone wanting to attend the June 18 meeting is advised to view the agenda online on the Monday prior (June 16) at

Members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings, which begin at 6pm in the Bendigo Town Hall.