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New app for children's pictures

DESIGN: Andrew Waugh with Zahli, 6 and Darcey, 3.

DESIGN: Andrew Waugh with Zahli, 6 and Darcey, 3.

WHILE many people fantasise about inventing a new technology or tool, a Golden Square man has banked on his brainwave.

Andrew Waugh launched My School Years a few weeks ago, an Apple application that has the right ingredients to become a hit with parents.

The app allows parents to photograph and store their children's school work and certificates.

It operates much like an e-scrap book; users categorise their children's pictures, certificates and photos into the correct school grade and the app will prompt them to fill in their child's age, height and other details of their life at the time.

"The idea came after my daughter began her educational journey locally at Dr Harry Little Pre School and she would bring so many wonderful creations home" Mr Waugh said.

He said that while most of the artwork would start its life on the fridge at home, eventually he and his wife, Amanda, would have to throw it out - much to their guilt - due to a lack of space. 

"I thought an app would be an excellent way of capturing these precious moments," he said.

Mr Waugh, who is a health professional with a flair for graphic design, started bringing his concept to life about 12 months ago.

He completed all of the design aspects - including the application's layout and look - but hired a freelance software developer in India to take care of the technical developments.

It was then simply a matter of putting in the time - on average about six hours per week for the past year - to iron out the chinks and the application was ready to be launched.

It has been available on the Apple app Store for about a month now, and retails for $1.29.

"It's a nice feeling once it comes together," Mr Waugh said.

"I don't expect to retire on this - it was more about the process."

He said his wife Amanda and daughters Zahli, 6, and Darcey, 3, were proud of his achievement.

He said Zahli, in particular, loved using the app to photograph and write about her experiences.

Mr Waugh will start marketing the application in the US and Australia and he is considering developing an Android version specifically for the Indian market.

He is also presently developing three additional apps and has as many as 15 in the pipeline.

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