League pride on the line

Saturday's inter-league matches and teams.

HEATHCOTE DISTRICT V HORSHAM DISTRICT - Horsham City Oval, Horsham, 2pm Saturday.

IT will be the battle of the HDFL’s for the second time in four years when Heathcote District travels to take on Horsham District.

Coach Murray Collins has identified pace as the key to his side’s chances of victory at the Horsham City Oval.

Heathcote will also keep the pressure on Horsham in the midfield with up to 12 players who will be part of the onball rotation.

While there’s plenty of midfield options, the defence has a strong look about it with captain Tim Hill, Kahl Oliver, Matthew Jefferies, Chris Black and Matt Riordan among the back six.

Down the other end, it looks like Heathcote will be reliant on finding a spread of goalkickers.

Heathcote District

B: R. Alford M. Riordan J. Keath

Hb: T. Hill K. Oliver M. Jefferies

C: M. Angove C. Thiesz L. Jacobs

Hf: J. Truefeldt H. Sirett R. Hocking

F: C. Brady M. McEvoy T. Bacon

Foll: L. Sirett S. Fiske J. Findlay

Interchange: G. Bowles, C. Black, J. Helman, K. Ngawati, B. Perry

Coach: Murray Collins. Ranking: No.19.

Last year: 13.14 (92) lt Nepean 18.17 (125).

Horsham District

B: C. Oliver J. Mebus S. Heath

Hb: S. Carey M. Phelan D. Roberts

C: D. Esson B. Christie J. Kerr

Hf: B. Forsyth A. Close S. Jasper

F: S. Argall T. Wade C. Hobbs

Foll: A. Chavasse T. Friend S. Winfield

Interchange: (from) A. Pekin, O. Braithweight, D. Folkes, S. McLure, B. Keily, S. Gilbert

Coach: Geoff Burdett. Ranking: No.20.

Last year: 16.12 (108) d Loddon Valley 10.18 (78).


THE Loddon Valley’s tougher stance on inter-league selection has paid off with an impressive squad to make the trip to Danny Frawley’s old stomping ground, Bungaree, to tackle Central Highlands.

For a start, the team’s spine reads Daniel Nalder, Brodie Leonard-Shannon, Lachlan Ford, Taylor Strachan and Paul Grayling.

Starting in the centre square are the past two Harding medallists in Adam Parry and co-coach Corey Gregg, alongside recruits Ford and Chris Morgan in the ruck.

But what highlights the team’s depth is the calibre of the players on the bench - last year’s captain Gavin James, Jordan Gilboy, Angus Fortune and Danny Bateman.

Loddon Valley

B: L. Driscoll D. Nalder J. Shaw

Hb: D. Clutton   B. Leonard-Shannon A. Gladman

C: M. Perri L. Ford G. Scholtes

Hf: R. Ford T. Strachan J. Sandiford

F: Z. Broadbent P. Grayling Z. East

Foll: C. Morgan A. Parry C. Gregg

Interchange: G. James, J. Gilboy, A. Fortune, D. Bateman

Coaches: Corey Gregg and Damien Featherby. Ranking: No.23.

Last year: 10.18 (78) lt Horsham District 16.12 (108).

Central Highlands

B: J. Rushton M. Gunnell A. Ware

Hb: N. Hind D. Day A. Munari

C: J. Morgan S. Turner S. Mann

Hf: W. Young S. Finlayson J. Mahar

F: T. Eltringham B. Sutcliffe N. Pring

Foll: D. Benson C. O’Keefe J. Delaney

Interchange: L. Gunnell, S. Jenkins, D. O’Halloran, T. Ross

Coach: Greg Middleton. Ranking: No.24.

Last year: 20.16 (136) d Ovens and King 3.9 (27).


MARYBOROUGH- Castlemaine will have the home advantage for its game against Geelong District.

The team has a new look about it, with only five members of last year’s side that belted Picola District South by 69 points playing again on Saturday.

Star midfielder Daniel Parkin will captain the side and is among five Navarre players in the starting 18, including three Driscoll’s - Josh, Cody and Ash.

The forward line should have plenty of firepower in it with no room in the starting line-up for Nick Wright or Murray Bond.

Geelong District will be determined to show plenty after last year’s 10-goal loss to North Central.


B: S. Sellers T. Stewart J. Fowkes

Hb: J. Driscoll B. Krol N. Spolding

C: J. Templeton D. Parkin M. Kennedy

Hf: J. Cross M. Strickland C. Roscholler

F: C. Driscoll A. Driscoll M. Brown

Foll: N. Reid P. Cummins D. Aspland

Interchange: N. Wright, M. Smith, D. Barr, M. Bond, A. Pilgrim

Coach: Shane Fisher. Ranking: No.22.

Last year: 17.13 (115) d Picola District South 6.10 (46).

Geelong District

B: C. Addie T. Parsons C. Collins

Hb: B. Fletcher S. Richert L. Parker

C: T. Fursland D. Fitzsimmons A. Challis

Hf: D. Witney J. Pittman J. MacLeod

F: D. Holzfeind B. Miller J. Butty

Foll: L. Wilson P. Di Santo M. Smith

Interchange: B. Boulton, T. Sauni, A. Fantella, J. Brauman, B. McNamara

Coach: Daryl Bisset. Ranking: No.21.

Last year: 11.7 (73) lt North Central 20.14 (134).

NORTH CENTRAL V WIMMERA - Lord Nelson Park, St Arnaud, 2pm Saturday.

NORTH Central chases its third inter-league victory in a row when it hosts Wimmera at St Arnaud.

Perhaps the side could be nicknamed the Redbacks, with half the North Central team players from the powerful Wedderburn.

North Central has kicked 20 and  23 goals in its past two inter-league wins, and looks to have the makings of another big score with a forward line boasting not only the star power of Brady Herdman and captain Sam Barnes, but James McNamee, Nick Coghlan and Ricky Allan.

Good luck to the Wimmera defenders.

There will be some added spice to the game with the leagues in close proximity.

North Central

B: Boe Bish A. Wilson B. DeAraugo

Hb: R. McHugh R. Thompson C. Milward

C: D. Benaim J. Smith A. Walklate

Hf: J. McNamee B. Herdman L. McCarthy

F: Nick Coghlan S. Barnes R. Allan

Foll: A. Postle M. Lloyd R. Tonkin

Interchange: H. Polglase, C. Perry, D. Lourey, D. Thiesz

Coach: James Coatsworth. Ranking: No.18.

Last year: 20.14 (134) d Geelong District 11.7 (73).


B: B. Harrison S. Christopher R. Conboy

Hb: J. Delahunty P. Weir A. McCrae

C: J. Wood P. Knott A. Trethowan

Hf: J. Williamson K. Delahunty B. Cosson

F: L. Cavanagh L. Excell T. Eckell

Foll: J. Chilver D. Mandes N. Pekin

Interchange: S. Field, J. Geue, N. Sibson, J. Peters

Coach: Louie Dalziell. Ranking: No.17.

Last year: 15.11 (101) lt Casey Cardinia 17.11 (113).

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