Good morning Bendigo! 23/05/2014

Good morning Bendigo! It's almost the weekend!


Cloudy with a possible thunderstorm later this afternoon - looks like winter is finally here. Top of 18.

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No reported delays. Bendigo's service is listed as 'good' this morning.


Annie North to get funding

The premier will be in Bendigo today to announce funding for the new Annie North Refuge in Bendigo.

Afterwards he will announce a $100 million package for the new Bendigo Kangan Institute. 

The Annie North Women's Refuge is a high-security women's refuge in Bendigo that has properties for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Planned support at the new cluster model includes education and school support and facilities designed to avoid women and children having to present in court.

Historic pub saved from liquidation

THE historic Lakeview Hotel will re-open on Saturday after the previous owner went into liquidation.

The Fowler family – well-known in the hotel industry in Bendigo – is again operating the venue.

Terry Fowler, who owns the building, said the venue had closed last week after the Stier Group, which operated the pub, was placed into liquidation.

“We’re very disappointed with what’s happened,” he said. 

“We’d like to apologise to all of our customers for the inconvenience that they’ve been put through.

Thailand army chief announces coup

The pro-government Red Shirt centre has warned the country to "stand-by for retaliation" after Thailand's military launched a coup, three days after it initiated martial law.

A nationwide curfew has been imposed from 10pm until 5am, which Australians and other visitors in the country will have to obey. 


If today is your day, happy birthday! You share a birthday with Drew Carey (1958), singer Jewel (1974) and actress Joan Collins (1933).


1059 - Henri I crowns his son compassionate King Philip I of France

1275 - King Edward I of England orders cessation of persecution of French Jews

1420 - Jews of Syria & Austria expelled

1421 - Jews of Austria imprisoned & expelled

1430 - Joan of Arc is captured at Compiegne & sold to the English

1493 - King Charles VIII & Maximilian I of Austria signs Peace of Senlis

1536 - Pope Paul III installs Portugese inquisition

1544 - Holy Roman Emperor Charles V recognizes king Christian III of Denmark

1555 - Giampietro Caraffa elected Pope Paul IV

1568 - Battle of Heiligerlee, Groningen: Dutch rebels beat Spanish, thousands killed

1568 - The Netherlands declare independence from Spain.

1576 - Tycho Brahe given Hveen Island to build Uraniborg Observatory

1609 - Official ratification of the Second Charter of Virginia takes place.

1611 - Matthias von Habsburg chosen king of Bohemia

1618 - 2nd Defenestration of Prague; beginning of 30 Years War. Four Catholic Lords Regents thrown out of window 


Q: Did you hear about the angry pancake?

A: He just flipped. 

Have a great day! 

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