In the hot seat

IT IS amazing how quickly a season can turnaround. 

At the start of the season, I commented on the fact this could be the first year in a long time that the same 18 AFL coaches who started 2014 will start 2015.

At stages, pressure was high on Mick Malthouse, although it would be a very brave board that ends his time.

Bendigo Gold coach Aussie Jones.

Bendigo Gold coach Aussie Jones.

The Pies looked shaky for a couple of weeks early but Buckley was always safe.

His mate Sanderson at Adelaide had a rough patch, but now there is real pressure mounting on Damien Hardwick. 

How do I know – because I am personally putting myself under similar pressure and it should be me and not the players. 

I have been involved in football a long time and must provide our young playing group with the direction and advice to remain strong and confident in their ability.

The Tigers won 15 games last year and spoke openly this year about finals aspirations. 

They are two wins from eight start and even games against GWS and an out of form Essendon don’t look easy.

For the Bendigo Gold, we talked up improvement and competitiveness and have, to be honest, had a tough three weeks. 

As a coach, you weigh up many options to look for that improvement and the key to it all is to stay strong with your key values and philosophy as a coach.

We have stepped up our training to include some real physical grunt work, we will continue to stay positive, but we won't get away from the key areas that keep us united within.

We have a strong and open culture, we challenge ourselves and each other to improve and we accept challenges that present every week.

 One thing that never surprises me with our group is their resolve and resilience to attack training with a real desire to improve. 

This will again be a key as we continue to strive not only for that improvement, but also for our first win as a group.

We'll keep at it.

I am personally putting myself under similar pressure.

Coaches ride the highs and lows of club fortunes

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