Bendigo geeks talk all things sex

SEX GEEKS: Rosina-Claire Dulloo and Linda Kirkman. Picture: JODIE DONNELLAN

SEX GEEKS: Rosina-Claire Dulloo and Linda Kirkman. Picture: JODIE DONNELLAN

THEY call themselves "sex geeks" and they meet once a month to talk about sexual health, politics and relationships.

They are part of a global movement that is taking the world by storm; a forum called Sex Geekdom, which encourages people to speak openly about their sexual practices and curiosities.

The group was started in Melbourne in 2010 by an American sex educator Kate McCombs and since then Sex Geekdom groups have sprung up in 16 cities around the world, including Bendigo. 

Linda Kirkman, who started the Bendigo Sex Geekdom group about six months ago, said the forum was a natural fit for the city.

"It's about intellectual curiosity," she said.

"Bendigo is a cultural leader in many ways."

Ms Kirkman, who is an academic at La Trobe University and who is writing a PhD on baby boomer 'friends with benefits', said group members met once a month and topic conversations were broad.

"It's a curiosity about sex and sexuality," Ms Kirkman said.

"It's not judging people or rejecting them based on their sexuality or their number of partners.

"Sometimes it's easier to talk about these things with strangers."

Rosina-Claire Dulloo, who is also a sex geek, said that one time the group discussed animal anatomy.

She said they learned that kangaroos have three vaginas and two penises: a fun fact that gave them all a giggle.

Ms Dulloo said they also discussed cultural phenomena as well, including erotic literature and films. 

Ms Kirkman said that if people wanted to join the group or to learn more about Sex Geekdom Bendigo they could go to

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