BFNL announces final inter-league squad

THE BFNL has announced a final squad of 23 plus three emergencies for Saturday's Worksafe Country Championships clash with Gippsland at the QEO.

Golden Square's Jack Geary is the captain, with Sandhurst ruckman Tim Martin the vice-captain.

Eaglehawk's Tyler Miles will play his first inter-league game for Bendigo.

Eaglehawk's Tyler Miles will play his first inter-league game for Bendigo.


No. 9  Golden Square FNC           Jack Geary (Captain)

No. 1  Golden Square FNC           Clayton Anderson

No. 19           Golden Square FNC           Jonathon Coe

No. 10           Golden Square FNC           Corey Jones

No. 18           Gisborne FNC                      Tim Walsh

No. 21           Gisborne FNC                      Tom Waters

No. 17           Kangaroo Flat FNC James Saville

No. 14           Kangaroo Flat FNC Cameron Rinaldi

No. 22           Maryborough FNC Tyson Macilwain

No. 3  Eaglehawk FNC       Brodie Filo

No. 15           Eaglehawk FNC       Tyler Miles

No. 5  Kyneton FNC                       Ben Weightman

No.     Kyneton FNC                       Jordan Collins (Emergency)

No. 20           Sandhurst FNC                    Matt Thornton

No. 7  Sandhurst FNC                    Ryan Maldenis

No. 24           Sandhurst FNC                    Tim Martin (Vice Captain)

No. 6  Sandhurst FNC                    Mitch Dole

No. 4  Sandhurst FNC                    Nick Stagg

No. 16           Sandhurst FNC                    Ryan Haythorpe

No. 8  Strathfieldsaye FNC           Jake Hall

No. 2  Strathfieldsaye FNC           Stephen Milne

No.     Strathfieldsaye FNC           Shannon Geary (Emergency)

No. 11           Strathfieldsaye FNC           Nick Smith

No. 12           Strathfieldsaye FNC           Tom Dowd

No. 13           Strathfieldsaye FNC           Matt Smith

No.     South Bendigo FNC            Ash Morris (Emergency) 

Likely line-up:

B: Tim Walsh, Tyson MacIlwain, Clayton Anderson

Hb: Tyler Miles, Matt Thornton, Jon Coe

C: Jack Geary, Ryan Maldenis, Nick Smith

Hf: Corey Jones, Cam Rinaldi, Ben Weightman

F: Stephen Milne, Ryan Haythorpe, Mitch Dole

Foll: Tim Martin, Matt Smith, Brodie Filo

Inter: Tom Waters, Tom Dowd, Nick Stagg, Jake Hall, James Saville

Gippsland, coached by former Castlemaine midfielder Harmit Singh, has its final training session on Tuesday night.

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