John Lingard joins up with Team Kylie

ALL SMILES: John Lingard on The Voice last night. He joined Team Kylie.

ALL SMILES: John Lingard on The Voice last night. He joined Team Kylie.

JOHN Lingard has been drafted to Team Kylie following an impressive audition on Channel Nine talent show The Voice tonight.

The Bendigo musician sang Vance Joy's popular song Riptide and managed to have, Kylie Minogue and Joel Madden fighting over him.

"I wasn't expecting one chair to turn, let alone three," he said.

"When turned it was very surprising because it was late in the song but it gave me a lot more confidence."

Lingard said he and his family grew up listening to Kylie Minogue and always had a soft spot for her.

"Will was very convincing but I have listened to (Kylie) for years with my family so there was a connection there," he said.

Kylie Mingoue

Kylie Mingoue

Lingard was overseas when the call out for The Voice auditions went out.

His sister mentioned it to him and Lingard took it as a challenge to himself.

"I was a big fan of the show and have watched every season," he said.

"I thought 'why not enter?' It's a great opportunity to push my talents and take myself out of my comfort zone."

After an online audition, a meet and greet with producers and a final audition, Lingard got his moment in the spotlight.

But stepping onto the stage last night, Lingard admitted there were quite a few nerves.

"I was much more nervous than I thought I would be," he said.

"I plugged in my uke and realised all these cameras were there with four superstars."

Lingard said he choose Riptide because it was a refreshing and unique pop song.

The 26-year-old started playing music seriously at age 19.

"I've never played the ukelele before. I learnt it for that song," he said.

How the judges saw Lingard's performance...

Lingard's performance drew loud applause from the audience on several occasions and excited celebrations from his parents watching on from backstage.

Will.I.Am was the first to critique Lingard's performance.

''Alright, there's some people that have amazing, like, crazy opera voices and there's some people that have, like, crazy Whitney Houston voices and then there's some people that have, like, just the 'thing','' he said.

''That special 'thing' that's like - what - I don't know, I just like it. Chris Martin is one of those guys. He sings good, but he has a friggin' 'thing'. You have that 'thing'.''

Kylie Minogue then told Lingard she was excited about him and his 'teeny, tiny, ukele'.

''Your voice is distinctive, it's interesting - if I heard your voice on radio I would know it was you,'' she said. ''That's the 'thing' that Will's talking about - you have it or you don't have it and I'd love you to be on my team.''

Joel Madden said Lingard's voice wanted to make him turn around the whole time.

''What I heard was like a real musician, you know, you have a very genuine quality and so if you're on my team it's going to be about digging deep, fighting hard and really setting yourself apart from everyone else.''

Although he didn't turn his chair around during the blind audition, judge Ricky Martin told Lingard he was 'very talented'.

''I really enjoyed it. For a strategic reason I didn't turn my chair but, hey, you're in,'' he said.

The judges then jostled for Lingard to join their team.

Madden quickly offered more thoughts.

''You have everything that I would want someone to have on my team because you're so musical,'' he said.

Madden's comments brought a quick reply from

''You have like this wisdom in your voice - I like it - I friggin' like it,'' he said.

Ricky Martin was obviously enjoying the by-play.

''Man, you're in trouble, you have to choose between these three giants of music,'' he said.

Lingard then had to make his decision.

''I'm just going to go... my dad told me to go with my gut when I got on stage, and my gut... is kind of saying Kylie.''

''I respect a man's gut,'' Madden said.

''Always listen to your father,'' Minogue said. ''Welcome to the show.''

''I forgot to say, I admire your shirt as well, I like your look,'' Minogue said.

And with that, John Lingard departed the stage... bound for stage two of The Voice.

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