Good Morning Bendigo - 11.5.14


Especially all those mums out there celebreating YOUR day.

Breakfast in bed... check! Presents... check! Sleep in... check! Taken out for lunch... check!

Let's hope your day goes something like that.


The weather bureau says there will be a little fog about this morning and then it's going to fine up into a beautiful sunny day around the 17 degree mark. Not too bad!

Yep, judging by the picture below, they've got the start part right anyway.

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V/Line is giving its Bendigo services the green light this morning - good service!


The MCG turned pink on Saturday night with more than 15,000 men and women gathering on the hallowed turf to raise awareness of breast cancer with the Field Of Women 2014.

Read how some Bendigo women experienced the night.

There's more concerns about ambulance services in Victoria this morning with the Ambulance Employees Union claiming seven people have died in three days because of response times.

Read the full story

There were plenty of thrills and spills as the Roller Derby hit Bendigo on Saturday night with the Witches of the East and the Chiko Rollers doing battle with other teams at Bendigo Stadium.

Check out some of the action


1 - In France all the motorways begin with which letter of the alphabet?

2 - What does the Blue Cross Charity provide aid to?

3 - Did Aaron Copland compose music for “Billy Elliott”, “Billy the Kid” or “Billy Liar”?

4 - In music, which note is written on the bottom line of the treble clef?

5 - How many years before “Star Wars”is the action of “The Phantom Menace”?, 22, 32 or 42?

How did you go? Find out with the answers below...


A rat can tread water for three days.


If you're celebrating a birthday today, here are some of the people you will be sharing with.

Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols fame.

Super model Linda Evangelista.

U2 frontman Bono.

Here's a little Bono for you this fine Sunday

The Gosselin Sextuplets

Emily McEnroe who is the daughter of actress Tatum O'Neal and tennis bad boy John McEnroe.

Chas Licciardello - Aussie comedian perhaps best known for his role in The Chaser.


1858 - Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state of the United States. 

1927: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded. 

1947:  BF Goodrich announces it's created the tubeless tyre.

1949: Siam changed its name to Thailand. 

1985: A fire in a soccer stadium in Bradford, England, leaves 50 people dead. 

1997: World chess champion Garry Kasparov lost to an IBM computer named Deep Blue.

1998: India detonated its first underground nuclear tests in 24 years.

TIME FOR A JOKE (with a Mother's Day them of course)

A mother mouse and a baby mouse are walking along when suddenly a cat attacks them.

The mother mouse shouts “BARK!” and the cat runs away.

“See,” the mother mouse says to her baby.

“Now do you see why it’s important to learn a foreign language?”


1. A 2. Animals 3. Billy the Kid 4. E 5. 32

Have a great day!!

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