Royal Children's Hospital donations grow with help of regional communities

REGIONAL areas are giving more to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal each year and the efforts are not going unrecognised. 

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The 2014 appeal raised $16,846,396.09 with Bendigo and surrounding towns contributing large amounts to the total.  

RCH Good Friday Appeal deputy director Emoke Bakacs said regional communities acted as the backbone of the appeal and always provided a high level of support. 

"I think the reason for the high level of support from regional communities is because people know someone who has used the hospital," she said. 

"We are talking about communities quite different to our metropolitan suburbs.

"We are talking about communities where you go down to the local pub or club and you know how everyone is, and if someone doesn't turn up for drinks, you go to their house to find out why.

"It is totally different in regional areas."

Ms Bakacs said there were many people who never needed to use the hospital but they were aware of its existence. 

"I guess people give because (while they haven't had to use the RCH), it's almost like insurance," she said.  

"They say, 'well if we do need it in the future it is there', so they donate."

Ms Bakacs said she had dealt with regional communities and the appeal for many years and she was proud of the commitment and dedication to collecting donations. 

"They will just drop everything and start planning for the Good Friday Appeal," she said. 

"We know in Melbourne that despite rain, drought and flood, they are going to be there to help.

"We have had the (Country Fire Authority) go and fight a fire and come back and finish the collection because they want to do their bit for the kids.

"It is very heart warming and very amazing.

"We have a lot of pride in our regional areas."

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