Man stole beer as part of retaliation

A COURT has made an example out of a caravan-park vigilante who smashed up a cabin before taking a carton of beer from a group of men he claimed had harassed his mate.

Stuart Bruce McIntyre decided to retaliate after a housemate told him he had been harassed by three men at a Wedderburn caravan park in August 2012.

McIntyre, 41, took a post he found at the side of the road and smashed windows, a door and the walls of the cabin.

He hit one man on the arm, while another was knocked out after he ran into a wall while trying to escape.

During the rampage, McIntyre repeatedly shouted, "this is what you get for having a go at one of my mates".

He then picked up a Melbourne Bitter beer carton and said "I'll take the grog".

McIntyre, of Wedderburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage, aggravated burglary, theft and assault and was on Wednesday sentenced to a two-year community corrections order.

Victorian County Judge Wendy Wilmoth said McIntyre had no right to commit a violent burglary.

"This crime is often committed by those who feel entitled to take matters into their own hands and deal with some injustice," she said.

"Those people must understand that such behaviour is not to be condoned, and will be dealt with severely by the courts."

McIntyre was ordered to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation and to repay $2400 for the damage done to the cabin.

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