When beautiful worlds collide

ONE of the things the girls and I love doing on weekends is poring over property guides.

We love talking about different facades, design concepts and gardens. One likes symmetry, and designs where everything matches and has a place.

Her ideal homes have perfectly manicured gardens, roses and hedges.

Yes, hedges – really tall, lush, green perfectly boxed shrubs.  We have been known to pull over on the roadside to admire a hedge.  

It pays to stop and take a look at what others can see beauty in, because until we did that it’s fair to say I did not share my daughter’s love of hedges. Now, I (kind of) understand it.

The other likes creative spaces, with colour and texture. Spaces that have a story to tell. Not messy or dirty, but homes that show the personality of their owners. Homes where nothing matches, but every detail is interesting and looks right at home exactly where it is.

It’s fair to say their bedrooms reflect their preferences - albeit slightly messier versions of those they so often admire.

But we are talking about what our next home will be – and it’s creating some healthy debate.

Each is putting up a good case as to why their choice of home best suits our (read their) needs.

Daughter A would like a new house with two front windows and a footpath leading to a door in the middle.

The blinds would be raised to exactly the same place in each window and there would be planter boxes on the windowsills.

There would be a beautifully kept lawn, some roses and a hedge at the front.

A chook pen would be a mini version of the house and the vegie patch would be in boxed garden beds. The dog would have its own bedroom (read palace). 

In this home, there would be order and we would always be able to find what we are looking for - which in her world, means it's a calm and happy place.

Daughter B would like an older style home, renovated to a comfortable standard with plenty of energy and walls that can talk.

She would like a verandah at the front so we can sit and talk and sip cups of tea.

She wants a garden where chooks can roam, leaves can fall from trees, the dog can roll in the dirt and dig holes and vegies can grow wherever they’re planted.

In this home, there would be colour and chaos and room to be creative - which in her world, means it's a calm and happy place.

It's true that our home environment reflects who we are and should be the place where we are most comfortable - but what that looks like is different for each of us.

Ultimately, I'll make the decision about what our next home will be, but I want it to be 'ours'.

A reflection of each of us - because our home should be a calm and happy place.

Our home environment reflects who we are ... but what that looks like is different for each of us.

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