Good morning Bendigo - 07.05.14

Happy WEDNESDAY Bendigo, how did you all sleep? Thankfully it wasn't quite as frosty outside this morning.


Partly cloudy with a top of 15.

Full weather report here


Smooth sailing on the Bendigo line. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 


Couple prepare to tackle another challenge

BEN Dougherty and Belinda Fowler were in search of greener pastures when they moved to Bendigo from Horsham four years ago.

“We don't have family (in Bendigo), we just wanted to come here and do it on our own - and we took a long time to get what we had, but we had it and it was all ours,” Mr Dougherty said.

Even before the fire destroyed their Spring Gully home, life hadn't been easy.

Keeping the great taste of Gillies alive

GILLIES has manufactured and served some of the best pies in Australia for a long time.

The brand is now registered as Gillies Famous Pies and a retail outlet has opened on the corner of Lyttleton Terrace and Queen Street in Bendigo.

Retail store owner Simon Bush wanted to create a new name for Gillies.

"(The retail store has) been open nine weeks now," he said.

"It's going extremely well.

"We have received some sensational support from customers. They have been really impressed.

State budget 2014: Shock and awe designed to blast Labor

This is a shock and awe budget designed to blast Labor into electoral oblivion. Odds on, it will succeed.

Indeed, the Napthine government’s infrastructure program is so broad, so grandiose, that if the Coalition can’t get an electoral bounce out of this, nothing will save it.


If today is your day, have a fabulous day. I hope you get cake, presents and lots of love.

You share a birthday with First Lady Eva Peron-Duarte (1919 - 1952), scientist and inventor Edwin Land (1909 - 1991) and actor Breckin Erin Meyer (1974).

You are a dependable, persistent, loyal, patient and generous Taurus.


In a window a transom is a bar situated in which way?

What type of man was John Merrick known as?

Keanu Reeves was born in which war torn city?

What was the nationality of spy Mata Hari?

Which activity was Sonny Bono involved in at the time of his accidental death?


558 - In Constantinople, the dome of the Hagia Sophia collapses. Justinian I immediately orders the dome rebuilt.

1274 - 2nd Council of Lyons (14th ecumenical council) opens

1355 - 1,200 Jews of Toledo Spain killed by Count Henry of Trastamara

1416 - Monk Nicolaas Serrurier arrested because of heresy at Tournay

1429 - English siege of Orleans broken by Joan of Arc and the French army

1579 - Congress of Cologne forms in Netherlands

1624 - Admiral Hermites conquering fleet reaches Callao the Lima, Peru

1638 - Cornelis S Goyer takes possession of Mauritius (uninhabited)

1660 - Isaack B Fubine of Savoy, in The Hague, patents macaroni

1663 - Theatre Royal in Drury Lane London opens

1664 - Louis XIV of France inaugurates The Palace of Versailles.

2012 - Vladimir Putin sworn in for third six year term as President of Russia

2012 - Paeleoclimatological research claims dinosaur flatulence may have warmed the earth

2013 - 55 people are killed by a Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

2013 - The Dow Jones Industrial average and S&P 500 set record highs


Q: How do you organize a space party?

A: You planet! 


A housefly will regurgitate its food and eat it again.


1. Horizontally 2. The Elephant Man 3. Beirut 4. Dutch 5. Skiing

Have a good day, Bendigo. 

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