Fit, firing and ready for next challenge

HARD WORK: Arj Perera gives Chris a few pointers.

HARD WORK: Arj Perera gives Chris a few pointers.

Challenge finishes with great results

I've still got a way to go but at the end of 12 weeks of fitness training and improved nutrition, I've finally noticed a big difference.

Earlier in the week I was asked to get my staff headshot retaken because I looked different.

It was the first time I had seen a comparision of how I looked (in August last year) to six months later. And I couldn't believe it.

In no way was training, and especially dieting, easy but the hard work has paid off.

In the 12 weeks I have been working with Arj at The Human Mechanics, I have lost just over 10 kilograms.

Sure it could have been more but for a couple of weeks there life got in the way and I slipped back into a couple of old habits.

With Arj urging me to redouble my efforts in the last couple of weeks, I stuck tight to my diet and forced myself to the 6am session with the rest of my crew.

Along the way I have noticed my energy levels in the morning have improved dramatically as has my overall fitness.

I can run for longer and lift a lot more. It was hard to believe I had 80 kilograms on my shoulders without breaking a sweat last week and I am keen to push for the 100kg mark.

But while the articles might stop, the challenge doesn't.

I'm still eager to shed another 10kg and a new 12-week challenge at the Human Mechanics has a few extra incentives (including a cash prize).

I should really thank Human Mechanics director Arj Perera for not only urging me on during each session but for being a great and understanding support network for everyone involved in his programs. We all appreciate your passion for improving people's lifestyles, Arj.

A new fitness challenge awaits and I hope to see a few more of you sweating it out alongside me.

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Chris Pedler is a guest of the Human Mechanics.

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