Pupils remember

STUDENTS and staff at Epsom Primary School took part in a moving ceremony on Monday in commemoration of Anzac Day. 

The service of remembrance was the first in the school's history and was organised by the students with the help of teachers.

To begin the ceremony, the Australian flag - a donation from the Bendigo RSL - was raised, before students and staff sung the national anthem. 

Student leaders spoke about the importance of the Anzac legend in speeches they had put together, the Last Post was sounded and a minute's silence followed.  

Teacher Gill Davey said the school had paid its respects to defence personnel at school assemblies in the past but wanted to make the service more significant. 

"Over the last few years we've had a component of our school assembly dedicated to Anzac," she said. 

"It got bigger and each year we thought, 'this is too important'.

"Last week we had our (grade 5 and 6 students) at camp but we had some that did not go.

"So they helped organise the service."

Ms Davey said it was important for students to understand the reasons why Anzac Day was commemorated. 

"I think as the generation gap gets wider, in terms of years, there's not going to be as many grandparents left," she said. 

"Then it's up to the parents to educate the students and I think the teachers have a role there as well.

"It has been a long time since World War I, (almost) 100 years, when that becomes 150 it is up to the parents and teachers to continue passing those stories on."

Ms Davey said Anzac history was part of the school's curriculum in the lead up to the anniversary of the landing of Gallipoli. 

She said she was impressed with the interest of the students and said they took the service very seriously.  

"I was really impressed with our preps at the service (on Monday)," she said.

"A minute's silence is a long time if you are a prep.

"They did a really good job."

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