FC Bendigo endures biggest loss to Richmond

FC Bendigo fell to its heaviest defeat in Saturday night's fifth round clash with Richmond in the National Premier League division one action.

Both line-ups were on the rebound from defeat as they took to the Tom Flood Sports Centre pitch in Bendigo.

It was Bendigo's second home match of the season, but not so memorable.

Richmond was fifth to score when Tom Cahill headed the ball into the net in the 15th minute.

FC Bendigo then did plenty of attacking, but shots went over the bar or were stopped.

Scores were level in the 34th minute when a left-foot strike by Bendigo captain Trent Waterson scorched into the top left corner of the net at the Water Street end.

A minute later and a header by Josh Romein was parried away by the keeper.

A Richmond free kick was headed off Bendigo's defensive wall.

Two minutes from the half-time whistle and Richmond was back in front when Hamlet Armenian raced on to a pass and struck cleanly.

The second half began with a lot of play in Bendigo's attacking half.

A free kick by Bendigo coach Steve Martin was blocked by the keeper and cleared.

For the next 20 minutes play swung from end to end.

Bendigo's passes into attack were either too high, too long, too short, or players were caught off-side.

In the 26th minute a left-foot strike by Tom Cahill made it 3-1 in Richmond's favour.

Richmond's quick transition from defence to attack put Bendigo under pressure time and again.

An own goal in the 35th minute made it 4-1 and capped Richmond's remarkable fightback from a drubbing the previous round.

The record for FC Bendigo's senior team is now no wins, three defeats and a draw.

Saturday's play on Bendigo's pitch in Barnard Street kicked off with Richmond dominating the under-20s match.

FC Bendigo's senior and under-20 line-ups are on the road next Saturday to play North Geelong.

The North Geelong Warriors seniors are on the rebound from a 2-0 loss to Kingston City.

North Geelong and FC Bendigo will play at Elcho Park in Gibbons Road, Lara on Saturday.

The under-20s match starts at 1pm.

Play for the seniors kicks off at 3pm.

Meanwhile, FC Bendigo's junior teams were in top form in Sunday's matches against Ballarat Red Devils at Epsom-Huntly Reserve.

The six contests ended in three wins for Bendigo, two draws, and a loss.

A highlight was Bendigo scoring a 7-1 victory in the under-18 match.

The under-16s ended in a three-all draw.

Bendigo won the under-15s clash, 2-1.

Ballarat Red Devils took the points in the under-14 match, 3-2.

The under-13s ended in a 4-1 victory for FC Bendigo.

A highly entertaining under-12s match ended on two-all.

FC Bendigo's young guns head to De Chene Reserve in Coburg next Sunday to play Moreland Zebras. 

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