A dozen drug drivers detected

UPDATE: Police have caught another driver high on ice. 

Officers intercepted the 30-year-old Long Gully man on Holdsworth Road on Saturday afternoon. 

EARLIER: POLICE have detected four drug drivers in a targeted road blitz.

Officers are targeting suspected drug drivers as part of a TAC campaign to improve road safety.

Acting Sergeant Kevyn Hume-Cook said the Don’t Drive Impaired operation had caught eight drug drivers last weekend and four so far this weekend.

“The most predominant drug we’re finding is methamphetamine, or ice,” he said.

“We’re specifically looking for drug drivers.

“Everyone we are drug testing we are also conducting preliminary breath tests as well.”

Officers intercepted a 25-year-old Golden Square man on Wednesday and a 42-year-old Maryborough man on Thursday who both tested positive for ice. 

A 29-year-old Mitcham man tested positive for ice and cannabis after being intercepted in Bendigo on Friday, and a 30-year-old Eaglehawk man tested positive for meth in California Gully two hours later. 

Officers have had to pick up more testing devices due to the number of tests carried out.

“The main thing is that if you’re driving on drugs, you will be tested at some stage,” Acting Sergeant Hume-Cook said.

“And you will be looking at losing your licence.

“We’re actively targeting people who are at high risk of drug use.”

Victoria Police statistics show a 31 per cent rise in drug possession and use offences from 2011/12 to 2012/13. 

Officers detected four drug drivers during a TAC campaign running between November 2012 to May 2013. 

In other police news, a 49-year-old motorcyclist had his licence immediately suspended after being caught riding 43kmh over the speed limit in Goornong. 

A 59-year-old man was also detected traveling almost 30kmh over the speed limit in Thistle Street. 

Officers are concerned by the number of motorists speeding in residential streets.

Senior Sergeant Hume-Cook said all roads near houses were 50kmh unless otherwise stated.

“People still aren’t getting it right in the 50kmh zones,” he said.

“Some people don’t understand that everywhere around homes is a 50kmh zone unless there is a sign saying otherwise.

“Far too many people are travelling over the limit.

“We’re banging our heads about how we can get the message out that all residential streets are 50kmh unless people see signs saying they can go quicker.”

Acting Sergeant Hume Cook said people were risking major fines and loss of demerit points.

“The issue is that some people are going a little over 60kmh, they’re not even travelling under the speed limit they think it is,”he said.

“So if they’re going 62 or 63kmh, they’re now 12 or 13kmh over the limit instead of the two or 3kmh they thought they were.”

Police will continue the drug blitz into Monday. 

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