UPDATES: Kyneton v South Bendigo

KYNETON has marked a long-awaited seniors victory in the Bendigo Football League.

The Tigers fought back from a 20-point deficit at half-time to score an eight-point win against South Bendigo at Kyneton Showgrounds.

Tigerland was packed for the second Saturday in a row as Kyneton won 16.16 (112) to 16.8 (104).

Ben Weightman kicked eight goals in a best afield performance for the Tigers.

The day incluced Kyneton winning the reserves match, 7.11 (53) to 5.9 (39).

Oh where from Tigerland. Kyneton has won 16.16 (112) to 16.8 (104).

Fourth quarter: Kyneton point. Tigers lead 112-104 in 25th minute.

Fourth quarter: Kyneton leads 111-104 in 22nd minute.

Fourth quarter: Kyneton fans are counting the minutes to the final siren. Tigers lead 110-103 in 20th minute.

Fourth quarter: Kyneton's Ben Weightman roves pack and snaps eighth goal. Tigers lead 110-103 in 18th minute.

Fourth quarter: Ben Weightman takes diving mark and goals from 50m. Tigers back in front 104-103 in 16th minute.

Fourth quarter: South Bendigo's Luke Crawford marks and goals as Bloods regain lead, 103-98.

Fourth quarter: Tigers lead 98-97 approaching 13-minute mark. Bloods in attack.

Fourth quarter: South Bendigo's Luke Crawford goals. Kyneton leads 98-97 in 10th minute.

Fourth quarter: Ryan Carafa goals on run near boundary. Tigers lead 98-91.

Fourth quarter: Kyneton leads 92-91 in sixth minute. 

Fourth quarter: 91-all in fifth minute after torpedo by Kyneton's Michael Clancy beats pack and rolls through open goal.

Tigers' third-quarter fight back inspired by Ben Weightman, Hayden Wright, Kane Ransted, and brilliant goal by Ben Knight from boundary line.

Bloods captain Aaron Connaughton kicked two crucial goals in the term.

Three quarter-time: South Bendigo leads 14.7 (91) to Kyneton's 12.11 (83),   

Third quarter: Tigers trail by two points, 85-83, after goals by Ben Weightman and Hayden Wright.

Third quarter: Tigers within 10 points after Kane Ranstec goals on run. South Bendigo leads 79-69.

Bloods gained nerve-settler with snapshot goal by captain Aaron Connaughton.

Third quarter: Heat in this contest has lifted markedly.

Kyneton scored three unanswered goals through Weightman, two, and Ben Knight before South's Daniel Frew goals.

Bloods lead 72-62.

Third quarter has just started. Bloods lead 64-44.

South's goalkickers are Liam McGlashan, five, Ash Morris, Josh Whelan, Daniel Frew, Michael Tonkin and Matthew Chisari.

Kyneton goalkickers are Ben Weightman, two, Luke Edmondson, Kane Ransted, Nathan Thompson and Dale Ciunik.

Half-time: South Bendigo leads Kyneton by 20 points, 10.4 (64) to 6.8 (44).

Bloods' pressure, run and skills at far superior levels to Easter Saturday loss to Eaglehawk.

First-gamer Liam McGlashan from Mildura, a Pioneers listed player has kicked five goals for the Bloods.

McGlashan's marking a highlight as he capitalises on South's work through midfield and across half-back.

Bloods responded after Tigers scored first two goals of term to be within 12 points.

Tigers did plenty of attacking but let down by inaccuracy once again.

Second quarter: South Bendigo first-gamer Liam McGlashan kicks fifth goal as Bloods lead 65-44 near half-time.

Second quarter: Another goal to Kyneton cuts South's lead to 15 points. Bloods lead 59-44, but Tigers doing all the attacking..

Second quarter: South Bendigo first-gamer Liam McGlashan kicks fourth goal. Bloods lead 53-29.

Second quarter:    South Bendigo leads 43-27 after Tigers scored first two goals of term. Now at 10-minute mark.

Quarter-time: South Bendigo leads 39-15. Bloods dominated last 10 minutes of term and scored three unanswered goals.

South's pressure on every line and numbers at contest a key factor. Tigers must lift.

Seniors, first quarter: Three goals in a row for South as Matthew Chisari is on target. Bloods lead 38-14'

Seniors, first quarter: Daniel Frew goals for South. Bloods lead 32-14 after 25 minutes.

Seniors, first quarter: South Bendigo's Ash Morris goals from 50m arc. Bloods lead 26-14 in 23rd minute.

Seniors, first quarter: Kane Ransted goals for Kyneton. South Bendigo leads 19-13 in 18th minute.

Seniors, first quarter: South Bendigo leads 19-7 after McGlashan goal in 15th minute.

Seniors, first quarter: Kyneton's Dale Ciunik goals on run in 12th minute. South Bendigo leads 13-7.

Seniors, first quarter:  South Bendigo started brilliantly and leads 12-1 after nine minutes. Goals by Michael Tonkin and McGlashan.

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